Old Vine Cafe | Orange County, CA

House Baked English Muffin with House-Made Spread — Pistachio Nut Butter.

Pistachio butter. Nutty margarine.

Not what I’d expect.

But a beautiful collaboration; a culinary fornication.

The spread was quite dense and chunky, as if those nuts had just been ground fresh.

Unsure of whether I’d taste sweet or savory, I smeared a dollop onto the edge of my English muffin. And this was no ordinary Thomas’ English muffin. This was the child of a Thomas muffin and a Popeyes biscuit…a hipster rendition.

The first bite, I was hooked.

Another bite proceeded before I could swallow.

The warm comfort of this simple side dish put a smile on my face. Within minutes, this little cruet was scraped clean, and I sat in anticipation for the main entree.

💋 MB