Salero | Chicago, IL

(King crab squid ink tagliatelle with chili peppers)

Untamed, this little bush of greens added texture to the mound below.

I couldn’t wait for my dinner guests and dove right in.

Swirling the tagliatelle playfully around my fork, spearing a pleasantly plump protein of crab meat, and being sure to grab some of the crunchy life-giving breadcrumbs.

I had a little bit of the whole world right there in front of me and I could not wait to devour it.

I stopped myself, knowing that I’d regret if I didn’t take the time to savor it.

My lips parted slightly, I tasted the heat pressing against my tongue, the fork dragged slowly pulling out, and I felt the parting release on my lips.

Next thing I knew, my eyes were closed and swimming in darkness, lost in the sea of savory heaven.

The al dente tenacity of noodles complimented the buttery tenderness of the crab.

Whichever Italian seaman caught this crab deserves a medal. He made my night complete.

💋 MB