Savoy Cafe & Deli | Santa Barbara, CA

Garden Scramble — Organic Spinach, Eggs, Zucchini, Tomatoes, mushrooms & Jack Cheese.

I told myself I wouldn’t do it.

I was done giving in to the temptations of instant gratification. I was going to hold out for the fulfillment of a long term investment in my future happiness.


One more quick taste wouldn’t hurt, right?

I wouldn’t have to enjoy all of it…just a taste.

My plate arrived, looking healthy as ever. Dressed nicely in greens, I could already anticipate the texture on my tongue.

My fork collected a little bit of everything for a bite of diversity.

As I pulled away slowly, I indulged in the clinging thread of cheese, gooey and stretchy from cheese heaven. I had to open my mouth a little wider to accommodate the oversized bite I ambitiously collected.

As I tossed it around my mouth, the balanced flavors of healthy and indulgence danced.

The Jack was so good…delicious with a hint of guilt. I’m glad I gave in. So glad…

💋 MB