Seasalt Fish Grill | Los Angeles, CA

Dynomite Poke Nachos — Fresh Ahi Poke, Shrimp and surimi crabmeat, spicy scallops, tomatoes, cilantro, Mexican radish, our dynomite crema and nori furikake with an avocado drizzle over homemade tortilla chips.

Sometimes after a long exhausting day, all you want is something hot, quick, and messy.

Saucy, a little spicy, supple scallops tossed with fresh tuna and salmon, crab, avocado and masago that burst in your mouth.

I grabbed a chip, giggled to myself at how much topping I was packing on the one chip, and levitated it to my mouth.

The balancing act proved to be a huge success as a little bite of the ocean made it safely into the hatch and down the chute.

Poke nachos. I was craving you all day.

By the time I got to rip into you, I was already drooling from my own fantasies.

💋 MB