My forLoopPH meetup 2.0 experience

Chinedu, I don tire mehn". That’s the line that led me to forLoopPH and the #NewbieToExpert event. Before this event, I wasn’t aware of any tech community nor its revolutionary drive in the city of Port Harcourt.

Trained as a civil engineer and currently practicing, I've been experiencing internal conflict based on opportunities and the rate of growth within my career. By the side, I've also been noticing a wave which involves young people being very active in creating contents that are helping to improve how we live. A persistent complaint to my friend happened to be what led me to forLoopPH and the event they were organising. I don't think I've experienced a better event in Port Harcourt in a while. I was really impressed with the organisation of the event.

Seeing the way people were responding in the event, I was very surprised that there is a genuine/active tech community in Port-Harcourt. Honestly, attending the event has really increased my enthusiasm and eagerness in pursuing a career in web development. From the first lecture on "Tips on Optimizing Web Apps" by Tiku Okoye to the last "Open Source - Another Perspective" by Wisdom Arerosuoghene, these were all topics that awed me about the massive opportunities in tech. If I start to explain each lecture, it will literally take forever to appreciate what I've been exposed to. I have to say once again, I'm really grateful to the organisers for creating such opportunity.

I've never been involved in any tech activity but since discovering this community, I'm motivated and I hope to be an active member and developer. Although I'm still experiencing first timer nervousness, I believe with constant practice and help from the community, I'm on my way to turning from Newbie To Expert. Once again, thanks forloopph and techcreek

Note: till now, I'm still shocked and surprised