Form and Resonance
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Form and Resonance

Diego Rivera’s Pan American Unity Mural and Judy Chicago’s The Fall

The striking similarities—and key differences—between two works currently on view in San Francisco

Diego Rivera, “The Marriage of the Artistic Expression of the North and of the South on This Continent,” also known as the Pan American Unity Mural, 1940. 22 x 74'.

In 1940, Diego Rivera painted a massive 74-foot mural for the Golden Gate International Exposition in San Francisco. Known colloquially as the “Pan America Unity Mural,” this 5-panel painting—temporarily on view at SFMOMA—depicts the history of North…




New media ride on ancient pathways. Let’s make a map!

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Emily Pothast

Emily Pothast

Artist and historian. PhD student researching religion, material culture, media, and politics. Bylines at The Wire Magazine, Art in America + more.

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