Healthcare is Personal: How Technology is Empowering Individuals to Take Control of Their Health

4 min readJul 16, 2023


The Power of Technology in Healthcare

Technology is giving us the tools to revolutionize healthcare. We can now collect and analyze vast amounts of data about our health, including our genetics, our lifestyle habits, and our medical history. This data can be used to create personalized care plans that are tailored to our individual needs.

“Technology is the future of healthcare. It’s the way we’re going to be able to deliver personalized care to patients.” — Eric Topol, MD

Personalized Healthcare

With personalized healthcare, patients are no longer treated as numbers. They’re treated as individuals with unique health profiles. This means that treatments can be tailored to each patient’s specific needs, which can lead to better outcomes.

“Personalized healthcare is the future of medicine. It’s the way we’re going to be able to prevent diseases and treat them more effectively.” — Francis Collins, MD, PhD

Bridging the Gap

Technology is bridging the gap between personalized healthcare and traditional healthcare. By collecting and analyzing vast amounts of data, technology can help us to identify the unique needs of each patient. This data can then be used to create personalized care plans that are tailored to each patient’s individual needs.

“Technology is the key to making personalized healthcare a reality. It’s the way we’re going to be able to collect and analyze the data we need to create personalized care plans for patients.” — Michael Chernew, PhD

Preventive and Proactive Care can empower everyone to live a healthy life.

Technology is empowering patients to take control of their own health. With access to their health records online, patients can track their vital signs and make informed decisions about their care. They can also connect with healthcare providers from anywhere in the world, which gives them more control over their care.

“Patients are becoming more and more empowered to take control of their own health. Technology is giving them the tools they need to do this.” — Barbara K. Rimer, PhD

A World Transformed

The impact of technology and personalized healthcare is profound. It’s transforming the way we think about healthcare, the way we deliver healthcare, and the way we experience healthcare.

“Technology is changing the face of healthcare. It’s making healthcare more personal, more preventive, and more empowering for patients.” — Reed Tuckson, MD

The Synergy of Healthcare and Technology

Healthcare and technology are a natural fit. They’re both designed to improve our lives. And when they’re combined, they can create powerful solutions that can transform the way we live and the way we receive care.

Healthcare and technology are converging to create a new era of care. It’s an era where patients are empowered to take control of their own health, and where healthcare providers have the tools they need to deliver personalized care.” — Michael Osterholm, PhD

Introducing Hey Formis

Hey Formis is an innovative solution that’s revolutionizing healthcare. It’s a platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to provide personalized healthcare advice and support.

“Hey Formis by Formis Health Technologies Private Limited is a powerful platform that can help individuals take control of their health while being continuously and non-intrusively monitored by the Formis Care Team. Not only does Hey Formis empower individuals, but it also optimizes the institute’s resources and decision support systems. We are Formis. We are reimagining healthcare delivery.

We are Formis, We are reimagining healthcare delivery.


The convergence of healthcare and technology holds immense promise in reshaping the future of healthcare. Hey Formis, the innovative solution by Formis Health Technologies, exemplifies the power of personalized care driven by technology. By combining the human touch with the efficiency and capabilities of digital tools, Hey Formis empowers individuals to take control of their health journey, while healthcare providers and institutions embrace a new era of patient-centric care. Together, we can create a world where healthcare is truly personal, technology is harnessed for its full potential, and lives are transformed for the better.

To learn more about Hey Formis, visit Formis Health Technologies at Hey Formis will be available in your fingertips by early 2024.




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