How to prepare for your interview at Formlabs

Working in recruiting is challenging and rewarding at the same time. Ultimately, you have a significant impact on the future of your company by the people you hire.

I am Anna Laszlo, recruiting and employer brand specialist at Formlabs Berlin, and I share what makes my role exciting, along with some insider tips on how to successfully prepare for an interview at Formlabs or anywhere!

Why I decided to join

Being interested in industrial design, Formlabs was on my radar when I decided to take the next step in my career.

While I was interviewing, I met diverse and inspiring people. I had great chemistry with my now-colleagues and I liked that they challenged me.

By that time, I already knew that Formlabs was a culture I wanted to be part of and contribute to.

What a recruiter does

My role ranges from recruiting to employer branding to candidate experience. I see myself as selling careers and advising people on their careers. I am trying to match Formlabs opportunities with the ambitions and goals of candidates. Meeting people and finding out their goals and motivations is always a great learning opportunity for me. I get to dig into their personality and background.

You need to be organized, understand the big picture, and manage stakeholders, while being candidate-focused. You need to always look for the best and move fast. I have two “customers” basically. One is the business needs and the other is the candidate.

Being surrounded by focused and inspiring coworkers

Everyone is approachable with a problem-solving mindset. I am exposed to all aspects of the business.

This is a place where you can speak your mind, grow fast, make an impact, and innovate.

As we grow in size and people, we are becoming increasingly international. Being open-minded and eager to work in a dynamic and innovative environment is crucial. We value individuals who like to be challenged, who are open-minded and autonomous, look forward to growing in responsibility, and come up with creative solutions.

It is important to put the “we” before the “I” in a team culture.

What I recommend to people applying to Formlabs

First of all, know yourself, define your areas of interest, and define your career goals. Map your skills and areas of development. It helps to ask for feedback from people around you as you might not have a clear picture of how you are perceived and where you should strive to improve.

A well-structured resume opens doors. If you are an experienced professional, you are able to filter your relevant experience. I always recommend personalizing your resume to the job you are applying to.

We love motivated and passionate candidates, who inspire us and can help shape the future of 3D printing. When you get to the interview stage, be prepared and know the company and industry. Be able to elaborate and share examples of situations from your previous experiences that are relevant to the role you are applying. Explain the situation, your action points, the outcome, and what you learned.

Most of all — be yourself! We have a nose for authenticity.

Formlabs is growing fast. Join us!