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International collaboration and being a project manager: Eliza Margolin on her role in channel marketing

Eliza Margolin joined Formlabs three and a half years ago as an intern on the product team. As an intern, she used the Form 2 to print parts for use in photos, videos, and at trade shows. A few months later, she transitioned to a full-time role on the marketing team and was responsible for anything from writing blog posts to running webinars.

She has since moved into a more specialized role as our channel marketing program manager. In this role, Eliza focuses on marketing and sales to amplify the Formlabs brand and develops programs that allow our network of 200+ distribution partners to do their own sales and marketing.

Read on to learn more about Eliza’s time at Formlabs, how she’s grown as a member of the marketing team, and see her favorite 3D print!

How did you find Formlabs?

I found Formlabs through Virginia White, the Head of People Operations. We both studied art in college and have other similar interests, so she thought I might be a good fit for some of the opportunities at Formlabs. After I came in for an informational interview and decided to apply, I was offered an internship on the product team and have been here ever since.

How has your position complimented your career goals?

With the variety of interests I have, I don’t see myself having a super linear career path. I’ve been working on so many different projects in my current role, all of which provided me with many challenges and learning experiences that have broadened my skill set. For example, I’ve done a ton of work as a project manager and have been able to collaborate with members of our international teams. Therefore, I’ve been able to build a range of transferable skills early in my career that can be applied to many areas of expertise.

What has been your best day at work?

For me, no particular day sticks out as my “best” day at work. Every day provides me with a new challenge and opportunity, and there’s really no part of my role that I like more than another. However, the days I consider both memorable and energizing are the ones that start in total chaos, but end with the project or task being completed both simply and effectively.

The most specific example I can think of is when we have product launches. You can see all of the moving pieces of a new product come together swiftly and there’s this feeling of excitement because you’re finally able to release and share the product with the world. Once it’s launched, then you’re able to see all of the reactions and how others respond, which is like the “calm after the storm”.

What has been a moment or time of growth for you during your career at Formlabs?

One of the biggest parts of my role is working with our international teams and ensuring they are supported in everything they do. Our Berlin office manages the majority of our distribution partners, and I work closely with them to enable our partner network and serve as a point of contact for the team within the Somerville headquarters. When I started there were 15–20 employees in Berlin, and now they have over 120 employees. It’s been rewarding to grow professionally through working with their team and to see their office expand to the size they are today.

Eliza and members of the Asia-Pacific team, (from left to right), Liam Marriott (APAC Channel Marketing Specialist), Keiichiro Araihara (Marketing Manager — Japan), and Brian Wu (Marketing Manager — China)

What’s been the biggest opportunity you’ve found in your role?

A couple of years ago, the company put on its first Digital Factory conference, and I worked on the displays at the event. It was the first time we had publicly shown the Fuse 1 or Form Cell, so it was a very exciting time to work on unveiling these products to the world. We were also able to collaborate with a variety of designers on the display, as well as the engineers, who were able to show off the results of their hard work.

What’s been your favorite project you’ve worked on at Formlabs?

It’s not necessarily one project, but the Hackathon is always something I look forward to. The entire office takes a couple of days in the middle of the summer to reshuffle from our usual teams to put together these total “pie in the sky” projects. As the company has grown, it’s been harder to meet every new person who joins, so it’s exciting to be able to work with others on projects based on your interests rather than departments. Then, by the end of the weekend, you’re able to show everyone at Formlabs what you’ve made through collaborating with others you may have met only a few days prior.

Is there any advice you’d give to someone who wants to join Formlabs?

Formlabs is a company where the people are extremely engaged in their work. Although there are skills that are necessary for some roles, at the end of the day we would rather have employees who are passionate about the work that we’re doing, but maybe don’t have every single skill listed in the job description. Anyone that brings enthusiasm, energy, and love of our product to work would be a great addition to our team. Essentially, hard work and excitement are what really shine through.

What is your favorite 3D print?

My favorite 3D print is a dragon, which is the first thing I printed on the Form 3. There was one point in my time here when I managed a fleet of nine printers, and one of my coworkers used to joke that I was the “mother of printers”, like Daenerys is the “mother of dragons” in Game of Thrones. Printing isn’t a direct part of my role now, but I still enjoy printing for fun, and when it came time to choose what to print on the Form 3, I chose this dragon because it holds that sentimental value for me.

Formlabs is growing quickly, and we’re always looking for talented individuals, like Eliza, to join our team. Head over to our careers page to learn about opportunities on our marketing team, and how you can help us build the future.



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