Linnet Walker on bringing sales and services teams together with training

The experiences we have at the start of a new job are crucial in establishing our outlook on that job in the future.

As an onboarding and training specialist, Linnet hopes to make these experiences as great as possible. Read on to hear more about how she started in this unique role at Formlabs, how she has combined sales and services trainings, why good training is so important, and what’s kept her inspired at Formlabs.

What do you do at Formlabs?

I didn’t have a concrete job description coming into this role, which was nerve-wracking and also exciting because it was my responsibility to create it. I first started on the customer care team, working through a lot of tickets and getting to learn about the company. I transitioned into gathering information on what training looks like for the sales and services teams. This is where I started to integrate the two teams to mix the hands-on training that sales receives with the self-paced training in services.

“My job is kind of like a puzzle and my goal is to make the experience for new hires a seamless narrative.”

Why Formlabs?

At my previous job, I worked in technical support for about a year, eventually moved over to the people operations team and ran the first month training for new hires. That is when I realized that I definitely wanted to work in a people-focused role. I had a friend at Formlabs who passed over my resume. I love being on the smaller ground level of a company and creating a process to unify customer team onboarding.

Was there a moment you realized Formlabs was the right place for you?

As corny as it sounds, I came to this realization right after meeting Matt, Sarah, and Sebastian, team leads on the Services team, during my onsite interview. Even with a perfect job description, I could never accept a job if I didn’t fit well with the people and the culture. My team, who also have been described as “theater nerds,” has always made me feel very accepted and welcomed, even before I had been hired.

“They are people who listen, encourage, and challenge me in a healthy way.”

The way I felt with my team in my on-site interview is a feeling that has stayed close to me even in month eight. They are the reason I am so passionate about my job. I want to cultivate that same experience for new hires. I want to create a safe space for people, especially if they come from a job they might not have loved.

I also felt exhilarated and taken back after my first print and working with the Form 2 hardware for the first time. It became even more exciting to be a part of this job and company.

What are you most proud of at Formlabs?

Currently, Meagan and I are focused on a combined training for the sales and services teams because they are both customer-facing. This is in the hopes that everyone will have a similar understanding of our products and how they work. It has been a big project and I enjoy tackling those because you get to see how things unfold from start to finish.

What is your favorite thing about Formlabs, job excluded?

Therapy dogs are REAL. Having dogs in the office is something that I don’t think you realize you need until you have it. I also love the flexibility of our work hours, I feel like my personal time is valued. The company also adds more value to my personal time by providing me with opportunities like visiting our Berlin office! I got to go a few weeks ago and took some time to explore! My workspace is also very important to me and the open concept at Formlabs allows me to make it my own.

Aside from the job, what makes Linnet… Linnet?

I’m a proud Vermont-er and the youngest of six kids. I grew up in a very musical family so it has always been a big part of my life! My house was full of instruments and one summer, I attempted to learn a song on each one! This included the mandolin, banjo, tin whistle, concertina, and many more. Not many people know this but I’m actually part of Chorus Pro Musica in Boston, a choir that does everything from Christmas services to choral pieces celebrating the James Audubon Society.

Aside from music, I love plants but have a hard time keeping many alive. Photography is a passion and Instagram (@linnetwalker, you will not be disappointed) is my favorite social network because it gives people a creative community to be a part of. I love travelling and have been around Central America, South America, and Europe. The next destination in sight is Australia!

What’s a fun fact about you that not many people know?

You know those car commercials where people are driving in really rough terrains and it says “do not attempt at home, professional in closed course”? Well, I would really like to be that professional in the closed course.


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