Not feeling like an intern: spotlight on Dhriti Guliani

Meet Dhriti, a people operations intern from the University of Waterloo. She schedules and coordinates interviews for candidates among other projects. We talk about her studies, internship experience, life in Boston, and what she does for fun.

What do you do at the University of Waterloo?

I started studying psychology and switched to social work. I also work in the welcome center with the admissions team so I work with new incoming students or prospects interested in UWaterloo, similar to recruiting.

The biggest advantage of UWaterloo is the co-op, which brought me to Formlabs. That means every 4 months I’m starting a new job. Co-op lets me test out my interests in business, branch out, and travel. It helps build an employable graduate.

How did you pick your major and the work you’re doing now?

I took a class in personnel psychology related to human resources: understanding hiring techniques and what makes a good employee. Candidate experience combines the business and psychology aspects.

At the end of the day, I want to make sure everyone is as happy as possible — whether they are a candidate or employee.

What do you work on at Formlabs?

It is funny that I work on intern recruiting because I am one. It makes sense because I know University of Waterloo so well. That involves coordinating interviews and working with complicated schedules. I also help out with career fairs and planning the next recruiting season. One of the projects I owned was building a guide to managing the hiring process for UWaterloo.

I never feel like an intern here especially in terms of workload and responsibility.

What was the moment you knew you made the right decision to work here?

After talking with the recruiter and my now-manager, I knew they were people I wanted to work with. Like a true college student, I had the video interview in my bedroom, moved all the furniture away, and angled my table with good lighting. I was also wearing shorts. Not your typical interview experience.

In my first weekly team meeting, we shared our highs and lows of the week. My low was being homesick and my high was being at work.

Recently, I was going through a tough time in my personal life. I felt a lot of support from my team. I felt happier and relieved coming to work and looking forward to Monday. That helped me adjust moving away from home.

What have you learned since being here?

In a few months, I have become a better communicator. Everyone has different styles. I learned how to talk to people above me and be confident in what I am saying.

I have also seen how a company works both on the inside and outside. It is interesting to see how recruiters make the process goes smoothly and what we look for in employees.

What are you most proud of?

Our team does daily trivia on Slack and I have been able to answer a lot of the questions. I am proud to see my University of Waterloo guide to the hiring process unfold since I have been able to fully own that project.

What’s your advice to a candidate or a new formling?

  • It’s fast paced so be ready to think on your feet
  • Know the company and watch Print the Legend on Netflix
  • Be able to explain why you want this role and how your interests and goals align with the company

What’s something most people don’t know about you?

I read on my walk to work. I competitively danced for 12 years. I can play the saxophone, ukulele, piano, and am learning to play the harmonica! You will often see me jamming out at my desk while working because music is everything.

What is the internship program like?

There is a good balance of supporting and learning a lot on my own. I get to work and talk with people from all different departments. Help is there if you ask. We also have a variety of Slack channels and social events to meet people.

Before I got here, the people operations team introduced me to fellow UWaterloo interns and we had lunch together the first few weeks. We were all in the same boat: coming to a new country and company.

When I was looking into apartments and relocating, one option our HR team sent me was a Craigslist ad from a formling and I got the place. I love living with Caitlin and her two dogs. She made my experience and brought solace.

You’ve had some moments during your time here. What are the highlights?

  • Top secret rendezvous’ to the bean bags with Victoria
  • Storytime with Elexa (some run so long we have to book a room)
  • Bagels with Jess every morning before she decided to “be healthy”
  • Callie matching my level of sass on days that just feel more sassy
  • Crying over babies and dogs with Claire and Mariah
  • Watching Caiti touch up her moustache during Halloween
Reading a new book in the library

What is it like living in Boston and how did you acclimate yourself?

I love Winter Hill in Somerville. It’s suburban with easy access to Boston.

A few of my favorite spots:

  • Sunset at Piers Park in East Boston
  • Greek food at KAVA neo-taverna in the South End
  • Commonwealth Books, my favorite used bookstore. Reading a book is like meeting a new person. Continuing that book is like getting to know them and I love it.
  • Flour, my favorite bakery

I was homesick the first few weeks. One of the biggest consistencies was this job. On the weekend, I couldn’t wait for work. I felt that love when I came to Formlabs. I come to work every day and work with people I like.


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