Formosa Financial announces client onboarding Q4 2018- AQWIRE client #2

Committed to building a platform of financial services for the management of cryptoassets, Formosa Financial today is pleased to announce the signing of the second private beta client, the blockchain-based real estate listing platform AQWIRE.

AQWIRE, a project of Qwikwire, is a “global property marketplace powered by smart contracts and blockchain technology.” By building a global real estate marketplace on blockchain, their aim is to create a cross-border ecosystem of developers, property owners and buyers that can connect seamlessly, saving time and fees whilst also building in the security, transparency and increased accessibility. Through their partnership with SCI, AQWIRE’s platform will also include the ability to handle transactions using cryptocurrencies, bringing even more functionality and larger market base by tapping into holders of cryptoassets.

Formosa Financial is excited to provide AQWIRE with early access to our private beta to receive key feedback as we refine our product functionality and features to support emerging use cases.

“This partnership will definitely help AQWIRE in reaching our goals. Formosa Financial will give us the flexibility and ability to safely and cost-efficiently manage our crypto-assets via their platform of treasury management services. We’re definitely excited about the extra time it will give us to focus on building out our own platform!” -Ray Refundo, Founder/CEO AQWIRE
Lorne Lantz, CTO of Formosa Financial giving demo of FF’s treasury management app to AQWIRE team

Since finishing private round funding in May, the team at Formosa Financial has been dedicated to the creation of a one stop treasury management platform for crypto-assets and continues to work towards hitting roadmap milestones. This onboarding of AQWIRE as our second private beta client as well as our recent partnerships with Wanchain and Bitgo are major steps towards increasing the utility of the Formosa Financial platform for a variety of client types and use cases.

“Bringing AQWIRE onto the Formosa Financial Platform as an early client is an important step for us to expand the reach of crypto-financial services into new markets. The Qwikwire team’s deep knowledge in real estate and property development will be a great boon to expanding the clientbase for crypto-asset custody, brokerage, and hedging services to a global, multi-trillion dollar sector.” Ryan Terribilini, CEO Formosa Financial


AQWIRE is a blockchain powered platform designed to empower brokers and property developers to gain access to international real estate investors all over the world. It opens the world to property investors by giving them information and access to the most reliable developers in the world’s most promising real estate markets. The goal is to create a community where brokers, developers, and property buyers can engage directly using blockchain technology and smart contracts to facilitate transactions. This will also simplify the KYC (Know Your Customer) process and validate both property developers and buyers and secure transactions for both parties.

Learn more about AQWIRE Official website:

About Formosa Financial:

Formosa Financial aims to help digital asset holders and blockchain innovators solve some of their major pain points by offering a one-stop platform for their financial services needs. From a single point of entry clients have access to a customizable suite of cryptoasset treasury management tools, thus minimizing friction, costs, and time delays around mission-critical financial tasks encountered in the blockchain space.

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