Meet Forrest Plump.

Bearded. Hungry. Runner.

Apart from my amazing Wife and awesome Daughter, there are just 3 things I love more than anything else in this life: Beards, Eating and Running.

Bearded. Hungry. Runner.

I do love running though. I’ve ran distances from 5k’s to marathons and I do have an ultramarathon under my belt (technically). I’m always looking for new running challenges, be it tougher courses or longer distances.

I’ve learnt so much in just a few years worth of running that I’d love to share that knowledge and help others get into running. It would be amazing to get to the point of being a coach one day; helping others find their running soles (souls, ha!). I’ll add that onto the dreams list which also includes owning my own house, running my own successful design/print company (I’m calling it Paper Beard!), owning a Santa Cruz V10, taking my little girl to Disneyland Florida and also being able to make my wife a lady of leisure (erm…except for definition number 3).

From helping other runners, reviewing gear and events to swapping stories and sharing advice; I’m always interested in hearing from other runners and I’d love to hear about your experiences.