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2021: A Year Of Great Expectations For The FORSAGE Community

As we look forward to ushering in 2021, let’s first celebrate 2020. A year that saw the birth and growth of the Forsage and its Сommunity for both the Ethereum and Tron platforms. The Ethereum platform grew to almost a million participants in its first six months of existence.

However, the high network traffic on the Ethereum blockchain, as seen with stable coins (USDT, USDC, Dai etc.), Decentralized Finance applications (DeFi), Non-Fungible tokens (NFT’s) and other smart contract implementations, led to undesirable issues with congestion and high gas/transaction fees.

These issues magnified questions regarding the scalability and security of the Ethereum network as we had it. A consequence of these high transaction fees on the Forsage community was a decrease in registrations and growth on the Ethereum platform.

To learn more about Ethereum network fees, check our article What is a GAS and how to not overpay for GAS

This changing industry dynamic led to the development and implementation of Forsage on the Tron blockchain with an additional xGold marketing program. This launch in early Sept. 2020 has since attracted over 300 thousand participants and helped program participants earn over $40 million.

We celebrate our success in these two platforms as we look forward to more exciting changes and announcements coming up in 2021.

ETH 2.0 Is Coming

Ethereum is the #2 market cap cryptocurrency, and it is the blockchain with the most users on it. Despite some of the issues, things are looking incredibly bullish for Ethereum now, and they can have an exciting impact on the price of ETH and consequently the value of our earnings in Forsage.

ETH 2.0 is Ethereum’s major network upgrade that will get the blockchain ready for primetime and bring with it a fast and scalable Ethereum platform to overcome issues we have had in the past. As at the time of this writing, we are seeing the beginning of the ETH 2.0 rollout, which will be carried out in multiple phases over a long period of time.

We are currently in Phase 0 which was successfully launched at the beginning of Dec. 2020. So, we are not going to see Ethereum 2.0 turned on instantly, but there are some incredibly important things that are happening and will happen meanwhile, and the first of it is Staking.

Mining (ETH 1.0) vs Staking (ETH 2.0)

Ethereum is migrating from Proof-of-Work (Mining) to a Proof-of-Stake (Staking) protocol. In Mining, you participate in the blockchain by running one or more mining nodes, and earn a reward for helping to validate transactions and securing the blockchain. With Staking, you also run a node, but you stake/lock up your Ether on your node to participate in validating transactions on the network. The Ether that is locked up will earn passive income based on the amount of ETH staked.

That is a big benefit that we can get now, and many are already taking advantage of it. As the price of ETH goes up, that will be another icing on the cake especially if you hold your ETH for a long time.

Staking is also bullish for the community because as so much ETH is locked up and not in circulation, the supply is reduced and thus leading to higher prices for ETH, a basic supply/demand economic principle.

Another incredibly bullish event that will also affect the supply of ETH is through an Ethereum Improvement proposal (EIP 1559) called ‘BURNING ETH’. This is an Ethereum Improvement Proposal that will effectively burn some of the ETH created with new transactions on the network.

Currently on Eth 1.0, when you send ETH on to the network, a gas fee which goes to the miners for running the blockchain and using their computational resources is incurred. In addition, a new ETH is created in that process as an additional reward to the miners. The EIP 1559 is designed to ease these gas fees by erasing some of these fees and thus burn or reduce the rate with which new ETH is produced with the mining process. For more details ➡️ EIP 1559

Again, this will benefit everyone holding ETH because the supply of ETH is decreased as demand is potentially going up. Additional incentives for increased demand also emanate from the reduction in gas costs.

As members of the Forsage Community, we have a lot to look forward to in 2021

The most anticipated upcoming event is the launch of FORSAGE xGOLD marketing on Ethereum! On the 3rd of January, we will witness the long-awaited roll out of one of the best marketing programs out there. With its smart solutions that allowed to overcome high transaction fees, it will empower thousands of people worldwide and become a true game changer for 2021.

But there’s even more to look forward:

· Reduction in Gas costs and increased membership registrations in Ethereum and Tron platforms

· Bullish sentiment and changes that will positively affect the prices of Bitcoin and Ethereum, with its effects on other cryptocurrencies such as Tron

· Tools for interaction with our FRX tokens

· Improvements in Forsage Academy

· Support and marketing Tools

· And many more exciting information in the Forsage Community

To your massive success in 2021!

This article was written by one of the up-and-coming contributors in the FORSAGE community. Today we want to share this text with you! Johannes Ramotshela from South Africa is a network marketer, crypto enthusiast, and digital entrepreneur. A couple of years ago his aspiration always has been in inspiring others to become the best version of themselves. He has a great journey now with Forsage, as he get to network with like-minded people almost every day and helps people to get involved in this great money making machine FORSAGE.



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