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Everything you wanted to know about the TRON blockchain

Perhaps, you already know that at the beginning of September, deployed an alternative network on the TRON blockchain. However, much less people know what Tron is and why it is interesting, so without further ado, let’s find out.

One of the goals that creators of the TRON project aimed for was to bring back true freedom to the Internet through the use of distributed ledger technology. By the way, in its strive to advance decentralization, TRON is very much aligned with ideas behind FORSAGE!

TRON project idea

The main idea behind TRON lies in creating a decentralized mega platform. The one thing that lends financial interest to the project is the opportunity to receive rewards from users who liked your content directly. Various middlemen such as App Store, Google Play or YouTube are out in the cold. By eliminating an unnecessary link from the transactional chain, content creators get more money, while users don’t have to pay for it as much as they used to.

In other words, TRON developers are taking a swing at creating a new, decentralized Internet, where users, just like a few decades ago, can source content directly from creators, while transacting safely, but this time — on a whole different scale.

TRON blockchain features

The TRON blockchain has a number of interesting features that help the project achieve the goals it has set for itself. For one thing, it implies decentralized encrypted storage of any content of any size. To put this in perspective, YouTube relies exclusively on centralized storage.

For another, TRON has a wide range of tools for building applications, with Java as its main programming language, which is familiar to many. It ensures reliable and simple interoperation for applications created on the TRON platform. Conversely, the TRON development team promises to add support for multiple programming languages after some time.

Transacting on TRON platform

Those who keep track of FORSAGE developments know that one of the reasons for deploying a second system on the TRON blockchain was the increasing price and slowness of transactions on Ethereum… Anyway, we managed to leave that in the past thanks to TRON!

The TRON blockchain has an improved version of the Delegated Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism that positively affects the network’s throughput. That being said, TRON supports creating side chains where applications and users can store all the necessary information, calling the main blockchain only for confirming the most important operations. It is thanks to this approach that this network’s throughput exceeds that of Ethereum and even Bitcoin by several times. When it comes to price, it’s more than affordable, and besides — TRON allows users a few transactions for free, and since its inception, the number of free transactions has only increased!

TRON is a truly flexible solution that enables a wide range of ideas previously seen on the Internet to be implemented on the platform: from an online fine literature library to the biggest video hosting website.

With that said, TRON shouldn’t be viewed as secondary to any other project — its uniqueness and novelty are the key to its unprecedented flexibility that allows for any idea to be developed into a product. At this point in time, not a single project can be considered competition to TRON with the amount of features it has.



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