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A week ago one of the most anticipated events of August took place on the official FORSAGE YouTube channel: FORSAGE — BIG SPECIAL EVENT. The leading speakers have shared their knowledge with the viewers, and shed some light on the future development plans of the project.

Today we would like to publish the transcripts, and remind you that you can always watch the event on the official channel:

Johnathan McClain

Motion. Without motion there is no development. Every stage of humanity’s development has always hinged on two factors: the first being new tools, and the second — the skill of putting them to use. This was the case with the wheel, electricity, and even fast food. Today we find ourselves in the digital era, and we are now only beginning to understand the scope of opportunity these technologies offer. Today you will see something you have never seen before.

We will tell you about the Forsage platform. Why does it have over 800,000 registered users in just four months? How is it that the platform capitalization exceeds 200,000,000 dollars?

Above all else, Forsage is an opportunity, it’s a tool available to everyone. It is this tool we are going to talk about today, during our first special event. You will see with your own eyes how to apply these tools, and the new opportunities they bring. My name is Jonathan McClain, I am a member of the Forsage community, and I am glad you joined me to take a look beyond this door.

The year is 2020, this year we got to see unprecedented events unfold, we got to feel what it means to be caught in a truly global event. Globalization unhinged. The world is changing, and so are we. We have to adapt, grow and learn how to be in the world. How to treat each other and the environment around us. We have reevaluated the importance of human warmth and support. We now have a clear understanding that the world will not return to what it used to be — and it’s fine.

What we have to do is learn from our mistakes, and make the right conclusions. We now see that results are what we achieve together. It is only possible if each and every one of us puts in the effort. All this is achievable only when every community member believes, follows and respects the rules and principles that underpin the community. The first thing we will talk to you about is the code of Forsage.

At the core of the code are principles from the declaration of human rights, principles of non-violence, liberty, equality and unity, where fairness and transparency are the cornerstone that supports this strong and healthy community. The future where every one of us is happy and free. I believe that we are all people of merit who will by example lead the way into a better world.

The Forsage code is available for everyone to download starting now. The success of every idea relies on the community, which also becomes the main measure of success: its spirit, unity and actions. It is only recently that we began actively communicating with each other, began both listening and engaging in a dialogue, and what has come out of it you will see on the screen right now.

Now, I have a question for you. Would you like to earn a living freely? Would you like to receive the fruit of your labour the moment you earn it, without waiting for the reward for weeks, months, years? Would you like to have an opportunity to help others around you while you’re helping yourself? Sounds like a dream? But it’s real.

Inside the brand book you will find absolutely everything you may need: templates, ready-made solutions, fonts, and a host of other things to boot. The best thing about it is that the Brand Book and all the other brand style elements will be available for download on the official website at in your dashboard totally free of charge.

Thanks to our financial technology experts, we have managed to create our own crypto — fiat bank. Another thing I would like to present to you is a crypto-fiat bank card by FORSAGE. Now you can spend the money you have earned right away. No need to transfer, exchange, or do anything with some third-party websites or organizations. Everything is here. Simply transfer any of the four cryptocoins to your card: it can be Bitcoin, it can be Ethereum, or USDT, or Tron. You can always top up via SEPA and SWIFT transfers. This way you become independent from banks, and those who are watching your transactions. Use your money right away.




Forsage is an international community and a global decentralized marketing ecosystem, powered by revolutionary smart contract technology built on Ethereum and Tron.

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Forsage is an international community and a global decentralized marketing ecosystem, powered by revolutionary smart contract technology built on ETH and TRX

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