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How Forsage Crowdfunding is a Better Option Than Trading

This article is written by one of the promising content creators of the FORSAGE Community. Today we’d like to share it with you! The author is Gerald Emesih who is an Information Technology Consultant, Online Marketer, Digital Coach, and Mentor. Gerald is passionate about leveraging advances in digital technologies and information to improve people’s lives and the society in general.

Have you ever encountered the question: ‘Why is Forsage Crowdfunding a better option than just buying/selling crypto or Forex in my wallet?’ I have been asked the same question many times and would like to share some nuggets on how to respond to it for the benefit of the Community.

First, we all acknowledge that both approaches (Trading vs Crowdfunding) have a few things in common. Both of them will need some level of skills and patience for your returns to grow. So, for someone who wants to grow their returns passively, you MAY be rewarded for taking positions in both cases as a result of factors beyond your control, such as time, market conditions and others.

Most people are more familiar with trading in either stocks or Forex, and have an easier time transitioning into crypto trading. So, I would ask them a rhetorical question: ‘How many times does your trading account generate 100% gains over and over?’

Crowdfunding, as defined in Wikipedia, is “The practice of funding a project or venture by raising small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet”. The Forsage Crowdfunding 2.0 approach makes this even more powerful by enabling those raising these small amounts to set up their own funding project or venture simultaneously — a win-win situation.

In this case, the Forsage Crowdfunding approach is definitely/infinitely better for many reasons:

1. With Forsage Crowdfunding, you not only participate in the growing value of the asset as prices rise, but also grow your asset/crypto volume, ultimately positioning you for more compound growth in the future.

2. The risk/reward scenario is tremendously better with our Forsage Crowdfunding approach, especially when you are willing to put in some effort to promote your campaign. Your efforts can produce perpetual returns in multiples from a one-time contribution/investment rather than fractions in a traditional trading system.

3. In our Forsage Crowdfunding approach, each one can learn while earning by leveraging the efforts and knowledge of their individual teams as well as those of a growing worldwide community.

4. There is also a tremendous value and power in knowing that by your contributions, you can help lift up the lives of so many others, not just yours.

In conclusion, market conditions do not create the financial stability or security that we desire, skillsets do. So, in addition to intrinsic crowdfunding advantages over traditional training, joining the Forsage community will also help you build the skill sets you will need to achieve financial freedom and stability.



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