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Introducing Forsage ~ By Talibah Aset

This article is written by one of the promising content creators of the FORSAGE Community. TalibahAset Nasiha El: The Money Metaphysician, Financial Rehabilitation Therapist, Founder of the A.S.C.E.N.D Wealth Collective, and Advocate for embracing “Soul Purpose.”

In this article, you will learn exactly what Forsage is, how the X3 and X4 platforms work, and how to get started. In part two, you will learn all about the xGOLD program and the global Forsage Community. By the time you finish reading this article, you will have a full understanding of who, what, when, where, and, most of all, why. Shall we begin?

Forsage In A Nutshell

Forsage is a crowdfunding platform. Like all crowdfunding platforms, it is based on the simple concept of providing a means for you and me to raise money for something that is personally meaningful. That is simple enough to understand because we are familiar with crowdfunding. GoFundMe is a popular website in the crowdfunding space. The underlying idea is the same for Forsage as for GoFundMe. They both are a way for someone that has a need to raise money to fill that need.

There are some important differences that set Forsage apart in the world of crowdfunding. First, it is completely decentralized. In other words, there is no central authority that controls what happens on the platform. Let me give you an example to explain what I mean, using GoFundMe. GoFundMe Inc is the central authority that governs the platform. That is who makes the rules about what kinds of campaigns can be made on the platform and how the funds are distributed. GoFundMe Inc also takes a cut from the monies raised in each campaign. There is nothing wrong with this. It is how they earn their income.

Being decentralized means that Forsage has no central authority. Anyone can use the platform to raise money for any reason. Because the platform is written into a smart contract, it’s governance is the contract itself. Because the nature of the smart contract is to be activated when certain conditions are met, there is no need for a 3rd party to mediate in transactions. This is why 100% of the funds raised in Forsage is instantly paid out to the members. There is no middle man to take a cut.

The second important difference with Forsage is when someone chooses to contribute to your cause, they are blessed with the ability to raise money for themselves by sharing the platform with others, who need money for their own reason. When I create a GoFundMe account and launch a campaign, I can share my campaign with others who donated to my cause. If they want to raise money for a cause of their own, they will need to make their own account and launch their own campaign.

In February, I joined Forsage using the affiliate link of my friend, Larry. At this time, Forsage existed only on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain. To join the ETH platform, I created an Ethereum wallet using the Trust Wallet App. I funded my wallet with the required .05 ETH and followed the steps to position myself. The moment I completed my registration, the .05 ETH were transferred from my wallet to Larry’s wallet.

In September, the community launched a contract on the Tron blockchain. This time I registered, using the link of another friend, David. I created a wallet using the TronLink app, funded it with the required 400 TRX, and completed registration. Again the amount left my wallet and was instantly transferred to David’s personal TRX wallet. Because I’m currently more focused on sharing the TRX platform, the remainder of the article will focus on it.

The best part is that when I share my link with others, it not only contributes to my cause. It continues to add funds to the causes of my friends. Because I have used their referral links we are forever connected within the respective platforms. This is powerful because now we can create networks of families, friends, and loved ones who are supporting themselves by helping others. Have you ever wanted to help someone out financially, but couldn’t because you needed the money for yourself? Well, with Forsage that is not an issue. How is that possible? The answer lies in the way the platform is structured.

Within both the ETH and TRX platforms, there are programs X3 and X4. X3 and X4 work exactly the same in both platforms. The only difference is that one operates on the ETH blockchain. It accepts and pays ETH. The other operates on the TRX blockchain, and accepts and pays TRX. We will now continue the story with a deep dive into how Forsage X3 works.

How it Works: Forsage X3

In Forsage X3, there are 15 slots or levels (12 in the ETH platform). You can think of each slot as an income producing property, that you pay for once and receive unlimited payments from. The amount required to open each slot is two times (2x) the amount required to open the preceding slot. For example, slot #1 is 100TRX, slot #2 is 200 TRX, slot #3 is 400 TRX, and so on up to slot #15.

Within each of those slots are three positions. In X3 these positions are filled by those who choose to directly support your cause by registering with your personal referral link. When someone lands in any of these 3 positions, a 100% payout is triggered.

When someone lands in the 1st or 2nd position of a slot, 100% of the payout is transferred into your personal wallet. For example, the required amount to open slot #1 is 100 TRX.

  1. The first person I shared the platform with was Sam. When Sam used my referral link to join, he landed in the position #1 of slot #1, and 100 TRX was transferred from his TRX wallet to mine.
  2. The second person to join using my referral link was Karen, who landed in position #2 of slot number one. Again 100 TRX was transferred from her wallet into mine. I’ve now received 2 payouts from slot #1. Not only have I earned back the TRX that was transferred to David’s wallet when I joined. I have earned a profit of 100 TRX. Since the amount to open slot #2 is 200 TRX and I have now earned 200 TRX from sharing with Sam and Karen, I can open slot #2 using my earnings, not money out of my pocket.
  3. The real magic happens when the third partner, Kendra, Joins. Kendra landed in the 3rd position in slot #1. This time a 100% payout is triggered, but it doesn’t go into my own wallet. It goes into David’s wallet. Why would that happen? Remember, I told you that when I joined, I used David’s link. In essence, this 3rd payout reinvests me into slot #1, so that I can continue to receive payout from it without having to pay out of my pocket or manually go into the account to open it again. Because of the smart contract, it is done for me automatically, using the payout from the 3rd position in each slot.

I don’t have to worry about making any further payment from my own pocket, because each slot is designed to pay enough to cover my upgrade, that is, the purchase of the next higher slot. It also pays enough to cover the amount to reinvest or to reopen the current slot, so that I can continue to be paid from it.

We can look at the positions in each slot as buckets. When Kendra lands in the 3rd bucket in the slot, there are no more buckets for anyone to land in. Without the automatic reinvest, that would be the end of it. The slot would close. If I wanted to continue to get paid from the slot, I would need to manually reopen the slot, most likely by paying for it again. Fortunately, this is not the case. When Kendra lands in the 3rd bucket, it closes out the slot. The slot is put into an archive in my back office. I am then given a new slot #1 with 3 empty buckets that can be filled again.

At same time, I again occupy one of the empty slots in David’s current slot #1. Depending on which slot I land in, David will either receive a payout or reinvest. This continues as long as there are upgrades and reinvests being made.

Incidentally, the time we spent working on the ETH platform taught us a few things that we used when we started on the TRX platform. In the ETH platform, Larry joined, and David and I both used Larry’s link to join. This time Larry Joined, David used Larry’s link, and I used David’s. I bring this up to make the point that if I had happened to land in David’s 3rd position, Larry would receive payment from David’s reinvest. We have effectively set up a system where any activity in our organization means that one of us is getting paid. How cool is that!?

The Magic Of Forsage X4

If Forsage had nothing but the X3 program, it would be a force to be reckoned with as an income producing tool. But the magic doesn’t stop there. The X4 program adds to the power of Forsage by taking away the necessity to share the platform at all. Personally, I’m not sure why someone wouldn’t want to share it. It is something that people really need, and it has the power to change their lives in a huge way. But I learned a long time ago not to waste time trying to figure out why people choose to do the things they do. It is enough that I’m committed to sharing it. I’m simply pointing out that X4 makes it unnecessary. I will conclude this part of my story with the magic of X4.

While, you are earning in the X3 program, the X4 program is also working and earning for you. X4 works in a similar way to X3, with 2 important differences.

X4 has 6 positions. There are 2 positions at the top, and 4 at the bottom. X4 also has an overflow, or spillover system in place. This allows partners to fill the position from above and below you. In this way, you are able to receive payments even when you haven’t personally invited anyone to join you directly.

When someone lands in the first 2 positions, this payment goes to the person who invited you, or to someone in the organization who may have joined before you. The bottom four positions, 3, 4, 5, and 6, trigger 100% payments for you. With position number 6 paying for your reinvest so that you can continue to receive payments from the current slot to infinity.

Since Sam was the first person I invited, he not only took the first position in slot 1 in X3. He also landed in the first position in slot 1 in X4. This payment went to David, my sponsor. An interesting thing happened between the time that Sam joined and Karen joined.

Someone from another team took positions number 2 and 3 in slot one of X4. I don’t know who they were or who they were invited to Forsage by. Within the system we use ID numbers, not names or other personally identifying information. All I know is that they occupied positions 2 and 3 in the first slot in X4. The payment from position 2, of course, went to David. The payment, from position 3 was transferred into my own wallet. When Karen joined, she took position 4 in slot 1, and I was instantly paid.


In this article we have discussed how the X3 and X4 platforms work in Forsage. Let’s sum it up.

  • In X3 there are 15 slots, with 3 positions each. The positions are filled when those you directly invite participate. You receive an instant 100% payment into your wallet each time positions 1 and 2 are filled, and a reinvest each time someone lands in position 3. Reinvests are unlimited, so you can continue to receive payment on each slot you activate ad infintum.
  • In the X4 program there are also 15 slots, each with 6 positions. These positions can be filled by those you invite, as well as those invited by your organization above and below you through the overflow feature. When positions 1 or 2 are filled, an instant 100% payout is transferred to someone in your upline. When someone lands in positions 3, 4, or 5, the payout is sent to your personal wallet. When the 6th position is filled, your direct sponsor receives a 100% payout. The slot is then closed, and you are positioned to continue to receive payouts on each slot you activate, for a lifetime.
  • As long as there are upgrades and reinvests being made, someone in the organization is being paid. Because the smart contract can never be changed or stopped, Forsage is the perfect opportunity for anyone to raise money for anything.

Forsage has changed my life, and I know it will change yours, too. It is the perfect way to implement the principles of collective effort and group economics in your homes, families, and communities. It is an answered prayer, and a way out. It is one thing you can count on at a time when uncertainty is the new certainty. I invite everyone to get involved today!




Forsage is an international community and a global decentralized marketing ecosystem, powered by revolutionary smart contract technology built on Ethereum and Tron.

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Forsage is an international community and a global decentralized marketing ecosystem, powered by revolutionary smart contract technology built on ETH and TRX

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