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Wake Up The Giant In You: Part 1

This article is written by one of the promising content creators of the FORSAGE Community. Mashell Chapeyama is a writer, blogger, and educationist- with a burning interest in cryptocurrency and the blockchain as they have the greatest potential to change people’s lives, globally. He has more than 20 years of professional writing and over 7 years working in the blockchain sector.

In order for an individual to succeed in any line of venture, he/she should wake up the giant inside him/her. It is this giant that drives away fear and faces the reality. When the giant in you is awake, you dare tread where a few people can. With that, your success soars.

Now, today’s focus is to wake up that giant in you so that you succeed in Forsage, or any other affiliate business line. I know you have worked hard, and you gained success, but you can do more, if you are currently not paying attention to promoting Forsage using videos and pictures.

To appreciate why you need to use videos, you need to understand basic human psychology. Out of all the human senses, the combined senses of sight and hearing have the greatest impact on a human being. For example, if you scream in a busy street, almost 50% of the people near you will turn and look at you.

If you hold a magnificently shining object, the people close to you would like to find out more about what you have.

And if you are holding a piece of written paper. Maybe just a few, with nothing important to do, will come and see what you have.

Statistics supports the use of videos in marketing

The illustrations above should have helped you notice the importance of videos and pictures. According to an article published by Forbes, 90% of people make decisions to buy something after watching illustrative and clear videos. As a result, people who advertise using videos get more referrals than those who use written articles.

The conclusion here is that if you are not using videos, you are losing a huge part of your potential income. Another research published by WordStream shows that 59% of people prefer watching videos than reading a text. I think this also applies to you. These researches, among others, show how useful videos are in marketing your products or services or programs.

How to use videos

Here we shall point out a few ways of how you can use videos to promote Forsage, but there are many more.

  • Second, you can create videos and stake them in your blog site, or any other portal where people can watch them. Do you know that you can post videos on Facebook and LinkedIn? I posted several videos there, and many people watched them. Usually, this applies the same way to many social media platforms.
  • Third, you can create a video about Forsage FAQ. Find the questions that people ask about Forsage, and compose the answers. Then vocalise the questions and answers. Including animated pictures could be very attractive.

Where is this giant you talked about?

If you are not using videos as part of your affiliate marketing promotion, the giant is there in you and is sleeping right now. You wake this giant by challenging your beliefs. The first myth or belief you have is that: “I am not good at creating videos.” Who was born already able to create videos? Were you born a walking giant? You see? You are not good at creating videos because the giant is sleeping.

The day that the giant wakes up, you will create a stunning video.

How to wake up the giant?

You can wake up that giant in you. Find out your limiting beliefs about creating videos. You need to carry out research on how to create the videos. Think about the benefits of creating the videos and visualize the results. The result is the money you will earn.

To wake up the giant, overcome your fears

The greatest way to succeed is to overcome your fears. This is true in any sphere of life. Your fears can only disappear when you fight them. Do something you are afraid of, and sooner or later your fear disappears.



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