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Why Go For The xGOLD ETH While Having xGOLD TRON?

This article is written by one of the promising content creators of the FORSAGE Community. Mashell Chapeyama is a writer, blogger, and educationist- with a burning interest in cryptocurrency and the blockchain as they have the greatest potential to change people’s lives, globally. He has more than 20 years of professional writing and over 7 years working in the blockchain sector.

After the success of the Tron xGOLD program, Forsage is launching the xGOLD Ethereum one. Many people have joined the Tron xGOLD program. The question is: Why should someone with a Tron xGOLD program also take part in the xGOLD Ethereum program?

Reasons for partaking in the xGOLD Ethereum Program

Although the functionalities of the two contracts seem the same, there are differences in the two cryptocurrencies that justify the need for someone to participate in both programs. For example Tronix (TRX) and Ethereum (ETH) have different market sizes, trading performance, reputation and potential.

Potential market

The potential market is probably the greatest differentiating factor between the two. It is also the main reason why someone should also invest in xGOLD- Ethereum. As you are well aware, the greatest benefit you get in this crowdfunding program arises from having many downlines. The bigger your team is, the more funds you raise.

According to statistics, Tron has a smaller market than Ethereum. According to, Tron has about 71,000 followers on Reddit and 497,000 on Twitter, while Ethereum has 451,000 subscribers on Reddit, and an almost equal number on Twitter. This shows that Ethereum has a greater following than Tron, meaning if you participate in xGOLD Ethereum, you are likely to get more referrals, thus raising more funds.

Trading statistics

The trading statistics of Tron and Ethereum shows that Ethereum has an edge over Tron. According to, Tron has a trading volume of $203 million, and Ethereum has a trading volume of $3.5 billion. These statistics show that currently there is greater demand for Ethereum than for Tron.

This does not mean dealing with Tron is worthless. There are statistics that show that Tron has great potential. For instance, although the TRX coin is trading at around $0.02 per coin, it has a potential to rise and surpass its all-time high price of $0.30. We all anticipate that the current bullish trend can take us to that point or beyond.

DeFi applications

Ethereum holds a record on the number of decentralized applications that run on its mainnet. Many dApps exist on the Ethereum blockchain. There are also many centralized applications that integrate with dApps based on the Ethereum mainnet, resulting in incomparable total value locked (TVL). Ethereum’s TVL exceeds $1 billion, according to

A related fact is that many decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) rely on the Ethereum blockchain when launching their ICOs. Thus, these ICOs push the demand of Ethereum up.

These statistics show Ethereum’s dominance on the cryptoconomy. Therefore, any rational person or crypto enthusiast cannot turn away from the potential that Ethereum has. Furthermore, Ethereum is the second most dominant cryptocurrency, following the Bitcoin.


The tokenomics of Ethereum and Tron clearly indicates that it is worthwhile to go for the xGOLD Ethereum program.

Let’s first focus on the valuation of the two cryptocurrencies. The information is obtained from Global Coin Report (Globalcoinreport).


TRX’s market cap is $ 2,207,725,398

Ethereum’s market cap is $73,731,018,933

This shows Ethereum’s dominance on the market.

Available supply

TRX’s available supply is 71,659,700,000

Ethereum’s available supply is 113,885,000

These statistics show that Ethereum is scarcer than TRX, indicating that ETH can maintain a high price in the long run.


In summary, the data provided in this overview shows that TRX and Ethereum are operating in different ways. Most likely, TRX will fare very well in the very long run while Ethereum performs well now, going into the immediate and medium future. The final verdict is that balancing the TRX and ETH is the best way to go.

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