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Welcome me on board! What is waiting for Forte’s newcomer?


At this point, not only the success story of one employee begins but also the onboarding process. The well-thought-out onboarding helps employees adapt to a company and minimize stress, improve work results, complete their probation period, and develop faster.

On the other hand, companies also benefit if they invest their time in building an effective onboarding process. According to Harvard Business Review, businesses could see 50% greater employee retention among newcomers and 62% greater productivity within the same group after implementing a formal onboarding program.

In this article, we will share our experience building the onboarding process and the inspiring stories of our employees who once were newcomers.

The onboarding process is not about getting the technical equipment or paperwork on the first day. What is onboarding? Onboarding is an organized process with checkpoints and milestones to help employees adapt to company work and culture. Basic onboarding lasts the first three months of employment. During this time, the employee establishes contact with the team, delves into the company’s organizational processes, and shows the first results. It is vital to get acquainted with the corporate culture and rules. It will make it much easier to get started.

So what happens in the life of newcomers during the first three months of employment? Let’s turn to describing the onboarding at Forte.

Weolcome kit
Forte Welcome Kit

As one of our values is to deliver quality, we do our best to ensure that each employee has the opportunity to adapt and develop at Forte quickly. Many Forte’s specialists are involved in the onboarding process flow. The first person you meet at Forte is your HR Business Partner, who will follow up with you on all your onboarding stages and work at Forte in general.

Your first days will be devoted to company overview, and acquaintance with policies and procedures. You’ll have a few meetings with your HR Business Partner and also, welcome meetings with the team lead, your team, the company’s accountant, and the relocation manager. Your HR BP will tell you about the company, important contacts, personal and career development opportunities, benefits and perks, etc.

During these three months of onboarding, you’ll have two important meetings with HR BP and Team Lead: A mid-probation review meeting and a final probation review meeting at the end of three months.

After 2020, our onboarding process changed, and today we primarily work remotely. But we have offices in our locations and employees can work there. We build our onboarding process in a comfortable way to do this remotely or in the office.

IT team
Celebrating important events together

Our HR team reminds you of a few tips for your first days at Forte:

  • You are not alone. We will always be happy to help you. You can ask your HR BP questions, and they will point you in the right direction. We are always in touch and ready to answer.
  • The first days are full of filing documents and new information. Do not be afraid to forget something or ask again if you don’t understand the first time.
  • From the first day, your team will brief you and tell you the team rules. Communicate with them as they are interested in helping you and getting great results. Remember that your team is your partner, not an inspector.

Before taking on new responsibilities, employees may be afraid of their team’s perception. We may be scared to ask for advice or clarify something we don’t understand. But this silence complicates the onboarding process and, in the worst case, can lead to severe psycho-emotional exhaustion and even burnout.

Please read below some tips to adapt easier from our corporate psychologist Olga Kuklo shared with employees when they join Forte.

Tips to adapt easier
  1. First, you should remember that if a company chooses us, you are valuable to it. The better work conditions for an employee, the more productive they are. The employee, in turn, is ready to move and develop further.
  2. Determine your expectations about work and initial goals. Explain your expectations to your management. It will help you know the steps you will follow.
  3. Give yourself time to adapt. Do not expect great results here and now. Give other employees time to get used to you and to get to know you. Pause, look at everything around you, highlight your area of ​​responsibility, allow your psyche to form a general picture, and awaken a genuine interest in the processes.
  4. Show interest and ask what is unclear or what you do not know. We value resourcefulness. The more information you have, the calmer and more confident you feel. If you are worried about bothering someone with your questions, ask the person directly if they have the time and opportunity or when it will be comfortable to talk.
  5. As much as possible, try to carry on with the usual things for you, primarily if you work online: clothes, a comfortable workplace, the distribution of time for work and rest, and home routine.

Many Forte’s employees work in a company for more than three, five, and even seven years. We asked some colleagues about how they joined the team and how they were welcomed on board.

Arsen Shliapskyi, SDET


I was looking for a job, and my friend’s friend told me about free QA Courses organized by Forte Group. I had no idea about software testing, but I wanted to prove myself and was purposeful and sure I would work in an IT company.

I tried myself in the first selection round but failed and didn’t become a participant. Meanwhile, one of the organizers cheered me up and said that I could come to the first lesson to listen. I did. As a result, I attended all classes till the end of the courses, passed the final exam successfully, and joined the Forte QA Team.

Mikhail Reutski, Product Owner

Product owner

I found out about Forte Group in the summer of 2013, when I was looking for a job where I would use all my skills and knowledge and feel happy. At that time, I got a message from my friend who sent me a link to register for a course on IT talent management from Forte Knowledge. I filled in the form, completed the course, and finally was hired to the HR department of Forte in December. Since then, I changed many positions inside the company, climbed the career ladder, and became a product owner. During all these years at Forte, I’ve personally confirmed that Forte is that company I dreamed of working for and realizing.

I like to work with clients’ needs, positively impact business, work in a team and look for the best decision. And, of course, I want to get positive feedback from our partners. For me, they precisely reflect success. And all these I can do at Forte Group.

Eliana Farelo, IT Recruiter


My interview process with Forte was fast and pleasant; I felt a good connection starting from the first interview. All the interviewers showed empathy and respect and were open to sharing everything about the company and the position with me. The onboarding process was even better. From that moment, I felt I would have the opportunity to grow and apply all my previous experience. One year and a half later, I can say that Forte exceeded my expectations. Working at Forte is a daily reminder that I am capable of doing great things and helping other people to realize they also can do it.

We do our best to ensure that each employee has the opportunity to adapt and develop at Forte quickly. We believe this approach is close to you and that you will be happy to work with the Forte team.

Join us! Please look at our job website for openings if you are interested in challenging yourself and want to work in our professional team.

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