Humanness or the path to ones full potential

Tyler Hartrich
Jul 11, 2016 · 3 min read

The height of humanity lies in our ability to be full. Not partially, but entirely full. As living organisms, we are and will forever be whole beings. The question to ask is what “ingredients” make us full? It requires us to pull on the heartstrings of our life by tapping into the space that maximizes our unique human potentiality. It is a quest to define our true nature — where we find happiness, creative intrigue, a sense of togetherness and what makes us most come alive.

Unfortunately, so few of us achieve this extended state of self-hood. Our true intrinsic nature is often repressed within our subconscious and must be uncovered. Tapping into this mind space allows us to track our deepest and most prized ambitions for life. In a deeper and more profound sense, it requires a willingness to view our life’s purpose under the aspects of eternity—seen as sacred, eternal and symbolic across time and space.

Actuating our authentic self

A component part to discovering our true nature is found in our ability to actuate our pure authenticity. Our modern lives are constructed through various interconnections that shape our personal orientation and outlook onto the world — be it our family history, upbringing, friends, society and cultural influences. There are countless affirming characteristics that are born our of these relationships and still others that simply don’t serve us. Living a more authentic self requires that we confront all aspects of our lives, shedding areas of ourselves that fall short of our true self expression. It requires tuning in to what makes us uniquely fulfilled, leading to a more accurate and true version of self.

How might we evoke an authentic, full expression of self?

Humanness and full expressiveness

Humanity’s ultimate expression is seen in the ability to emanate a widening spectrum of character. Beholding this state requires that we have entered into the process of our own self-actualization — experiencing fully, vividly, selflessly, with full concentration in total absorption. Reaching this level provides new life to what it means to be human. It allows us to step into a mindset that delivers a heightened and resounding impact onto the world. Tapping into this space can elicit our most creative and ingenious work — leading us to be far more capable of grasping the full extent of our humanness.

What is my true intrinsic nature? How might I continually embark on a path that illuminates more of who I am?

Illuminate the path

Discovering our life’s purpose is no easy feat. It is a constant process of acknowledging where we are presently and where we might want to be in the future. Illuminating the path to our most full potentiality requires that we track where we are most impactful on our higher purpose. This is made even more challenging by the complexity and vast possibilities of our present world. There are countless paths we can take in our lives and careers. We must remind ourselves what we are destined to achieve in this life and then simply act on it.

Perpetual transformation

From a metaphysical standpoint, our DNA is perpetually shaped throughout our lives— it is the very makeup and definition of who we are and what propels us to lead forward. The process of becoming more aware of our inner species is a continual, lifelong pursuit. Tracking where in our lives these moments take place allow us to find pathways to bring more of it into our day-to-day. Our edification begs us to seek out a deep form of learning. The ultimate goal of education after all is to continually become a full human being, as fully human as we possibly can be.

Our future forward

We find ourselves at a point in human history of deepening self expression. As we continue to surface the characteristics of our authentic self, the more we will see in others the beuty of our diversity. Above all, we hold the ability to rethink the modern life—building on every aspect of what makes us truly, purely and genuinely full.


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