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2022 Goal: A Song A Day For A Year

I’m all in — I hope you will be too.

Even Santa likes to jam (Cottonbro via Pexels)

For 2022, I’ve decided to challenge myself, and publish one article per day about a song.

I love music. I learned clarinet when I was a kid, but my biggest dream is to play the piano. I also love to sing, though I keep it private. When the pandemic hit, I decided to learn the ukulele, so that I could sing and play at…




Do you want to discover new songs, or rediscover old ones? Do you want to discuss your favorite artists? You’re at the right place.

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Alex Rosado

Alex Rosado

A French in the US. Oversharer. I don’t give answers but I ask a lot of questions. Netflix’s Best Watcher And Worst Critic.

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