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Celine Dion (Remixed)?

A genre bender for the eclectic listener

Celine Dion + Moby remix from my DJ channel on Youtube

I’m sure there are a few of you who can remember Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” which was overplayed back in 1997 and more commonly referred to as ‘the Titanic song’. It was the hottest single, and the album it was featured on ‘Let’s Talk About Love’ topped charts in multiple countries. While it would likely bring me more attention to do a remix of that particular track I felt it would be too cliché and decided to blend Anfisa Letyago’s remix of Moby’s “Go” with “To Love You More”. I wanted to avoid the typical electronic sound that comes with remixing pop and EDM which can be difficult to do. However, after hearing the way these two tracks compliment each other while playing in tandem with a couple fade effects I couldn’t resists recording it.

Though I may be satisfied with the end result it’s really up to the audience to say whether its trash or treasure. I’ve included the original releases below so one can hear them individually.

Thanks for reading and listening :)



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