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7 min readFeb 20, 2020


We’re honored to receive a total of 15 submissions this year at ETHDenver! I would like to personally thank every single team for the hard work, belief in Fortmatic, and choosing to use our SDK in your projects.

Selecting winners from this incredible batch of ETHDenver 2020 hackathon projects was one of the toughest decisions our team has ever made — given 8 out of the top 24 finalists (1/3) have integrated Fortmatic in their project. After some heated debate amongst our judges, we’ve decided to announce the following winning projects for our Fortmatic bounty prize based on user experience, practicality, and originality! In the following weeks, we’ll be coordinating with the ETHDenver team to get in touch with the winning teams and issue the bounty payouts.

🏛️ Secure myState

Prize: Fortmatic 1000 DAI

Secure myState has incredible real-world use case potential, touching the lives of millions. It allows people to control their data when interacting with state offices — securely and efficiently.

Their stunningly polished project demonstrates re-usable government/state services for identification, messaging, and document management, between people and their government offices.

Demo | Figma | Github

🤑 ohmyDefi!

Prize: Fortmatic 500 DAI

To combat crypto volatility — ohmyDefi! created a suite of options that are represented as ERC20 tokens. These markets allow traders to hedge against future volatility on any asset of their choice. Similar to a derivatives market like Synthetix, option creation is permissionless, meaning anyone can create a put or call option on whatever Ethereum-based token they’d like.

The sale of an option is different from a lending protocol in the sense that a premium can be realized up front, rather than gradually over the course of the year. Beyond option building, ohmyDefi! also created a “straddle” which is a combination of both a put and a call option to allow traders to benefit from volatility in the market.

Demo | Website | Github

🐺 Wolf Pack

Prizes: Fortmatic 250 DAI, Impact Track Winner, Celebrity Judge Choice Award (Vitalik Buterin)

Wolf Pack is a token-based gig economy that provides an accessible labor market, identification, work history, personalized wallet, wage theft protection, and financial empowerment to the homeless. By creating a connected relationship between the homeless population and the community in which they reside, Wolf Pack aims to solve a growing problem with a human-centered design approach.

Demo | Website

💵 UpsideDai

Prizes: Fortmatic 250 DAI, Open Track Winner

UpsideDai is a highly leveraged contract for difference (CFD) built on the price fluctuation of DAI. This enables market makers and speculators to hedge against and bet on the DAI’s price deviation from the peg. The CFD enables high leverage (20x) while remaining capital efficient (100% collateralization). UpsideDAI helps to stabilize the DAI peg by enabling market makers to arbitrage the price of DAI.

Demo | Website | Slides | Figma | Github

🐂 1x.ag

Prize: Fortmatic 250 DAI

Easy leverage ERC20 tokens with stop-losses and take-profits on top of Compound, Fulcrum, Aave and MakerDAO CDP with the usage of Aave flash loans, ChainLink oracles for on-chain price verification and 1split.eth swaps (split swaps among Kyber, Bancor, MakerDAO, and Uniswap). Reduced risks to get a high price slippage at big trading amounts by splitting token swaps among Kyber, Bancor, MakerDAO / Oasis, and Uniswap.

Demo | Website | Github

🗃️ LedgerLocker

Prizes: Fortmatic 250 DAI, Celebrity Judge Choice Award (Danny Ryan)

Decentralized applications strive to be ‘zero fees’ for transfers among users. However, there is no good way of monetizing the service as a result.

Any time DAI gets transferred into the smart contract, the smart contract will convert the DAI into DSR. The smart contract keeps a balance of the DAI for each user. As such, when a user wants to withdraw, the smart contract will take the DAI out from DSR and transfer it back to the user. The smart contract owner earns all of the interest generated by the DAI as payment for the service. In our smart contracts, we chose to use DAI, however, we built our smart contract in a generalized way such that it can be extended to multiple lending tokens such as Fulcrum or Compound. Additionally, it can be abstracted to use ANY ERC20 or ETH and earn interest off of it.

Demo | Slides | Github

⚡ Warpy

Prize: Fortmatic 250 DAI

Warpy is Venmo + DeFi interests using a cool blend of advanced DeFi and protocol technologies. Warpy smoothly onboard users into a DeFi savings account: sign up with email/phone number & deposit with a debit card (Fortmatic), and get interest-bearing DAI (Chai), all without using Ether/gas. At the same time, Warpy onboard the user and their Chai onto Loom Network, allowing them to send money instantly & for free. Though Warpy uses Loom Network, it can work with any side chain or roll-up chain that has an asset bridge with Ethereum Mainnet.

Website | Github

📺 Medici

Prizes: Fortmatic 250 DAI, Open Track Winner

Medici is a platform with YouTube and Twitch integrations with the ambition to grow to integrate with all content creation platforms. The platform enables both users and content creators to quantify important metrics on-chain such as; likes, views, subscriptions, time spent watching videos. These data metrics can then be quantified and represented on-chain via a point mechanism. The point mechanism enables reputation to be initially established and through reputation amongst users, a closed-loop economy can be established around this audience (e.g. through avenues such as a swag store or NFTs).


Remaining Bounty Submissions

Bitcoin Earn

Bitcoin Earn allows you to start earning interest on your Bitcoin. Deposit your Bitcoin to create TBTC (tokenized Bitcoin), convert your TBTC to Compound Bitcoin, and start earning interest while still HODL’ing. Bitcoin Earn also allows you to trade for ETH and other interest-bearing tokens via our UniSwap integration, deployed on Textile.


Bound is Patreon built on an out-of-the-box tokenized bonding curve. Fans purchase an artist’s token and gain access to exclusive content. Artists take a fee on every token purchase/sale.


Centralized eBook marketplaces take a huge piece of the revenue pie for the service they provide. They create a centralized trust model between publishers/authors and the end consumer. TexTEGRITY removes middlemen like Amazon and creates a decentralized trust model that allows publishers/authors to create and manage product listings. We utilized Fortmatic to create an easy on-boarding process for new users that don’t require any special plugins or knowledge.


Crypto tools typically have poor UX so we built Bux to help developers conduct simple UX tests. Bux connects developers directly with users who are incentivized by payments. Users earn Bux tokens by completing UX tests and tokens are used to purchase additional UX tests.


Urban-Bowl is a decentralized urban farming platform where individuals could lease empty spaces like backyards or basements to produce food using urban farming methods. Our platform incentivizes the urban population into farming by providing them a decentralized market place to sell their fresh produce directly to consumers in their neighborhoods. We are focusing on impact track and our product meets the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:


DApp that runs directly in Car allowing Drives to easily pay for fuel using Ethereum. Communication and payment are done via a smart contract.

UI Scan QR code at the gas pump to get the eth address of the station. UI appears on Car’s touch screen dashboard to authorize payment.


Dappr is a decentralized dating app. Think Tinder, but on the chain. The app checks for a Metamask profile, if none is found, it prompts the user to make a fortmatic account. Then the user is logged into 3box. Users match with others through swiping on profiles, they then can communicate with each other using a thread for 3 box chat. If the match wants to meet somewhere, both users will be prompted to stake $20 worth of Eth. If both stake then they will get their money back when they meet each other and scan the QR code on their respective phones. If one of the ghosts the meetup they lose the stake.

Fortmatic offers an SDK for developers to implement their own authentication and key management experience for decentralized applications built on the Ethereum blockchain. Users will no longer have to wrestle with browser extensions like MetaMask and securing their seed phrases.

Learn More: fortmatic.com
Documentation: docs.fortmatic.com
Twitter: twitter.com/fortmatic
Telegram: t.me/fortmatic



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