Storytelling in Product Design

Warren Challenger
Oct 17, 2019 · 3 min read

What storytelling means to us.

What does storytelling mean? As a designer, I’ve heard this buzzword for quite some time. But how do you put storytelling into action?

Storytelling in Product Design
Storytelling in Product Design

Stories in product design. Are we crazy?

  • The beginning and setting the scene, introducing us to the specific scenario
  • Conflict, making you aware of the conflict or problem the characters must solve
  • Rising action, the characters addressing the problem
  • A high point, reaching and touching the core of the problem
  • A falling or tipping point, the characters rush to solve the problem or conflict
  • The outcome, the conflict is resolved, and everyone walks off into the sunset
Structure of a story
Structure of a story
Structure of a story

If you strip away a few words from my breakdown above and replace them with words like ‘user’, ‘flow’ and ‘journey’, you will start to notice how close the relationship between storytelling and product design is.

Every product design and story workshop should begin with a need to understand the problem we’re trying to solve.

Storytelling in practice

Flipping the points of good storytelling to product design is straight forward.

  • Beginning. Create documentation and perform research. Who is our target user? Create and champion personas/user groups.
  • Conflict. Identify the problem you’re aiming to solve.
  • Rising action & high point. Generate small and large problems that hinder a possible solution.
  • Falling or tipping point. After identifying and agreeing on the problems, we ideate solving these in multiple ways.
  • Outcome. You identify the best way to solve the problem and taking action.

Let’s not forget about emotions

Creating a great story will involve different skill sets within your company, and you should include all team members on the project.

With emotions, your goal should be to ensure that when your product becomes part of the narrative, it creates positivity and enjoyment.


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