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“Aggregate Farming” on ForTube with LP Tokens

Why use ForTube “Aggregate Farming” yield farming?

Through the ForTube “Aggregate Farming” section, users will not only obtain the expected profits of the original LP Tokens, but also obtain the pledged asset position vLP of the ForTube Innovation Zone corresponding to the value of the LP Tokens. In the ForTube Innovation Zone, based on the acquired pledge asset position vLP, users can lend the target asset and invest it in other projects to earn profit.

8 LP Tokens currently supported by ForTube “Aggregate Farming” Yield Farming, which are FOR-BUSD, CAKE-BNB, BUSD-BNB, BTCB-BNB, ETH-BNB, BETH-ETH, USDT-BUSD and USDT-BNB.

Fee description: 0.1% of margin will be charged as a fee when withdrawing assets

Note: The value of LP Tokens may change with the fluctuation of the token price. Users who borrow and lend as pledged assets may still face liquidation problems.

How to get PancakeSwap LP token, please refer to the Tutorial

(This article takes the CAKE-BNB LP token as an example to show you how to use the ForTube “Aggregate Farming” section)

1. In PancakeSwap, find the CAKE-BNB LP token at the [Farm] section, click “-” to unstake the LP token.

2. Enter the LP token number that you want to unstake, click [Confirm] to unstake [CAKE-BNB] LP token.

3. Deposit LP token (CAKE-BNB) to ForTube Yield Farming to earn more LP tokens. After you deposit, you will have farming voucher vLP (vCAKE-BNB)

Note: It is required to approve for the first LP token deposit.

4. After depositing, you will obtain a farming voucher vLP (vCAKE-BNB ) which will be saved in the Innovation Zone. At the same time, you will receive the corresponding loan amount.

5. In the [Dashboard] interface, you can check the asset value of the deposited vLP token.

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