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ForTube Biweekly Report — 04/19–05/06

Technical Development

1. ForTube 3.0 Updates

2. Updates and iteration of the new version of the oracle

3. Updates to the multi-signature system

4. FOR Pools launch TKO & FOR combo mining

5. Launch Farming function, coordinate with official liquidity migration

6. Arbitrum TestNet deployment and debugging, Optimism TestNet deployment

Marketing Activities

1. ForTube Farming

On April 20, ForTube launched Farming.

The digital asset bank ForTube has officially launched the Farming section today. Users can deposit LP Tokens that comply with the risk control rules into the Farming section. With the original profit, users can also obtain the additional ForTube loan limit. In the ForTube Innovation Zone, users can borrow target assets and invest it in other projects to earn profit.

For details: “Aggregate Farming” on ForTube with LP Tokens

2. ForTube x UPRETS

On April 22, ForTube officially launched the first dIgital securities asset $OST.

ForTube and UPRETS have reached a strategic cooperation for introducing the digital securities asset ($OST) issued from UPRETS into the ForTube funding pool, and regard it as an innovative practice of connecting real assets and digital assets.

For details: ForTube Launching OST: A New Attempt for the Introduction of the Digital Securities Assets into the DeFi Ecosystem

3. On April 22, ForTube market size exceeded 360 million USD.

4. ForTube Community AMA

On April 29, Xu Chao (Louis), co-founder of ForTube, joined the ForTube community on Telegram for an AMA, and shared insights on “ForTube — Decentralized Cryptocurrency Bank FOR Metaverse”.

Here is a recap of the questions answered by Louis: ForTube Community AMA Recap

5. ForTube announces strategic partnership with Tokocrypto and lists $TKO

ForTube is happy to announce a strategic partnership with Tokocrypto in liquidity, aggregate farming and lending fields.

TKO is the native token of the Indonesian Tokocrypto exchange. Users can deposit TKO in ForTube to earn interest or use $TKO as pledged assets to borrow other assets (such as USDT and other stablecoins). At the same time, in the FOR Pools section, users that deposit TKO assets can earn FOR, or deposit $FOR to earn $TKO. The first batch of mining APY is expected to be as high as 1500%+.

For details: ForTube announces strategic partnership with Tokocrypto and lists TKO

For tutorial: Tutorial — TKO & FOR Combo Mining

6. Blockchain Ecosystem Industry Summit

On April 28, Xu Chao (Louis), co-founder of ForTube, was invited to attend the Blockchain Ecosystem Industry Summit hosted by Odaily.

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