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ForTube Community Governance Voting Guideline

GFOR holders have the right to submit and vote on proposals for the ForTube platform, and can vote on core parameters, major business decisions, and governance committee changes in the system.

This article will explain in detail the operation steps of ForTube community governance voting.

Vist the Fortube official webiste to get started in voting:

Currently, governance voting is only available on the ETH chain. Please make sure the wallet is connected to the ETH chain.

1. Click “Governance” — “Vote” to enter the voting interface

2. Users can see the balance of FOR in the wallet. Enter the stake amount and click “Stake Now” to obtain voting quota (GFOR)

Note: Stake (Gas fee is required)

3. Go to the “Vote” interface, click “Register to Vote” to verify the voting quota. Then, click “Vote on Snapshot”.

Note: You must be registered, otherwise the Snapshot cannot read the stake amount of GFOR. Registration requires a Gas fee.

4. Click on the proposal entry of the ETH main chain to enter the voting interface.

5. Select the corresponding proposal and click to enter the detailed interface. Users can view the status of the proposal in the current list, such as “Active” and “Closed”.

6. Users can view the details of the proposal, and also can see the deadline, block number, and current voting results of the proposal on the right.

Block Number means that the snapshot system will scan the user’s staking in the block. If a user’s voting quota is 0 in the block, they will not be able to vote for the proposal.

Note: Vote on Snapshot (Only need to sign the wallet, no Gas fee)

7. Select the supported option, and click “Vote”.

Note: During the voting period, the voter can change the voting options. When the vote is changed, the number of votes will be transferred to this item.

8. Confirm the voting options and details in the popup interface, click “Vote”.

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