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ForTube & Helmet COMBO Mining Activity (Tutorial)

In order to help users join the ForTube x Helmet COMBO Mining activity, we have prepared the following tutorial.

Combo Mining Details

• COMBO Mining tool: $Helmet-$hFOR LPT (if you get $hFOR, you can click ‘get HELMET-hFOR LPT’ button under POOL 7 to get the LPT. Then, you can start mining dual-rewards in this pool)

• COMBO Mining rewards: $20,000 Mining Bonus of $Helmet & $FOR

• COMBO Mining period: 15 days, from Mar.4th 24:00 SGT to Mar.19th 24:00 SGT (snapshot and Airdrop will be completed before Mar.4th 24:00 SGT)

1. Check your airdrop by adding the $hFOR contract address on your wallet. 0xb779f208f8d662558df8e2b6bfe3b6305cc13389

2. Confirm your airdrop

3. Purchase $HELMET token if you don’t have any in your wallet. $HELMET can be purchase from Pancakeswap with the BNB pair

4. Add liquidity to $hFOR and $HELMET on PancakeSwap to obtain $hFOR-HELMET LPT. Liquidity must be an equal amount of $hFOR and $HELMET and needs to be approved before supplying.

5. Confirm Liquidity

6. Supply LPT on Helmet Insure: Go to Helmet Insure locate HELMET-hFOR LP and deposit your LPT gotten from Supplying Liquidity on PancakeSwap.

7. See your Reward

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