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ForTube Integrates AAVE’s Fixed-rate Lending Products for Additional Use Cases of Liquidity

ForTube, a leading global digital asset bank, has integrated AAVE’s fixed-rate lending products into its ETH protocol. This integration will provide users with more options for lending services. Users can choose to pledge dedicated assets and lend other assets at a fixed interest rate.

On the ForTube platform, users can see information such as the loan amount, health index, interest rate, etc, and easily complete the whole fixed-rate lending process. The actual borrowing operation will be performed in the backend through AAVE.

Currently, lending products based on the floating rates are subject to occasional rapid price rises. This unpredictability has become an important factor hindering user entry. The emergence and adoption of fixed-rate lending products will clear the way for institutional users to enter the market.

ForTube has already passed PeckShield’s security audit and has made important improvements in four aspects: asset security, platform governance, system risk control, and community building. This development demonstrates ForTube’s evolution from a pure funding pool to a comprehensive digital asset bank.

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ForTube is the world’s top DeFi lending platform launched by The Force Protocol.