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How to Use ForTube for Lending

1. Deposit Assets (USDT)

1) Go to the homepage of ForTube V3 through the wallet, read and agree to the “ForTube User Agreement”, then click “I have read and agreed” to connect to your wallet, so that you can successfully access the ForTube platform.

2) At the “Market” page, you can see “Innovation Market” and “Main Market”, and various market data such as Market Size, Utilization Rate of Market Capital, Supported Assets and other information.

3) At the “Supported Assets” page, select the token that you want to deposit, such as USDT, and click to enter the “Deposit & Withdraw” page.

4) Click “Deposit/Withdraw”. It is required to approve ForTube for the initial deposit. Enter the amount that you want to deposit and click “Deposit”.

2. Borrow Assets (Take DAI as an example)

1) At the “Supported Assets” page, select the token that you want to withdraw, click withdraw, then enter the amount that you want to withdraw, and click “Withdraw”.

LTV (Loan to Value) refers to the ratio of the maximum borrowing amount to the specific collateral assets, which measures the maximum borrowing capacity based on the collateral asset.

For example: If a user deposits USDT worth 10,000 USD, and the maximum LTV ratio of USDT is 85%, and the maximum LTV ratio of DAI is 85%, then the user can take USDT as the pledged asset and borrow up to $7,225 (10000X0.85X0.85) equivalent DAI.

Please check ForTube V3 New lending Model for details:

Please note that a user’s available borrowing amount is related to not only its own account situation, but also the system balance, that is the user’s withdrawal amount cannot be greater than the user’s “available borrowing amount” or the fund amount of “system balance”.

3. View Assets

Click “Dashboard” at the menu bar to check assets.

My Assets refer to the user’s “Net Asset Value” in the system.

My Debt refers to the users “Debt Asset Value” and “Accumulated Interest”

Heath Index refers to a function of total collateral assets and total borrowing funds, which is used to judge whether the account status is undercollateralized. This value is used to measure the user’s overall debt health. The higher the index value, the lower the probability of liquidation, and the higher the security status of funds.

Account Details: Users can view the deposit or debt details of the corresponding tokens

Historical Earning: Users can check the “Current Deposit Earnings” and “Current Borrowing Interest” for the specific date.

Farming Reward (BSC): Users can check “Farming Capital”, “Accumulated Reward”, “Yesterday’s Mining Reward”, “Claimed Reward”, “Claimable Reward” and other funding data.

a) Account Asset Snapshot: The system will take a random snapshot of all user account assets three times a day, and take the average of the three times into the mining reward calculation

b) Reward Distribution and Withdrawal: The system will distribute rewards the day before from 0:00 to 3:00 every day, and users who have received the rewards can withdraw at any time.

Transaction Record: Users can check the detailed transaction records, including deposits, withdrawals, borrowing, and repayment records.


Note: Record: Users can check the records of passive debt repayment due to liquidation.

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