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The Force Protocol Launched New Official Website and Released Latest White Paper

Recently, the Force Protocol has launched a new official website. In addition to the new design, the website content has also been extensively updated to better convey the latest planning and thought of the Force Protocol in the field of DeFi.

At the same time, the Force Protocol has released the latest white paper. The white paper elaborates on the DeFi technology components proposed by the Force Protocol and the tokenization protocol being developed.

The DeFi technology components include fundamental components, extension components, and financial components. They are designed to solve the challenges in Ethereum DApp development like difficulty in contract upgrade, fixed data structure, slow on-chain interaction, poor user experience, lack of necessary infrastructure, and security issues.

Based on the DeFi technology components, the Force protocol integrates bond financing protocol, cryptocurrency lending protocol, and decentralized stable coin protocol to form ForTube, a crypto open financial service platform which will provide crypto-assets investment, financing, and transaction services for individuals and institutions to meet the crypto-financial needs of different users.

The Force Protocol, as a blockchain startup with roots in Asia and a global vision, has been exploring the field of DeFi. The Force Protocol will continue to evolve on its own and strive to provide inclusive, innovative, secure, and programmable crypto open financial services to users around the world.


Know More About The Force Protocol:
▲Official website:
▲ForTube website:
▲knowledge library of ForTube platform:



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