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The Force Protocol Reached Cooperation with SlowMist Technology in Code Security Audit

The Force Protocol and SlowMist Technology have recently reached a strategic partnership. The two parties will mainly cooperate in the fields of the smart contract security audit, server-side network security, on-chain data traceability, digital asset compliance, and C-side security to create a safe and convenient investment environment for investors.

Currently, SlowMist is conducting a code security audit of ForTube, an open financial service platform of the Force Protocol. As the project progresses, the audit details will be disclosed in the future.

About The Force Protocol

The Force Protocol was established in June 2018, focusing on the development and application of crypto-open financial protocols. Its ForTube, a crypto-open financial service platform, includes four business segments: ForTube Bond, ForTube Bank, ForTube Qian, and ForTube Exchange. It provides individuals and institutions with investment, financing, and transaction services of crypto assets to meet the needs of different users.

About SlowMist Technology

SlowMist Technology is a national high-tech enterprise focused on blockchain ecological security. It has served many global or well-known projects through “threat detection to threat defense integration and localized security solutions”, and has more than 800 commercial customers. SlowMist security services include Security Audit, Security Consulting, Defense Deployment, Blockchain Threat Intelligence (BTI), Bug Bounty, Defense Deployment, Security Consultants and are equipped with SAAS security products such as cryptocurrency anti-money laundering (AML) and fake recharge vulnerability scanning, which has received widespread attention and recognition in the industry.

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ForTube is the world’s top DeFi lending platform launched by The Force Protocol.