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A quick thought on helping each other out

For the longest time dogs have been widely regarded as man’s best friend. That doesn’t mean they can’t be friends with the ladies, it means man as in the plural of our species. Is there a better word we could use? Probably, but that’s not what I’m here to talk about.

We hear a lot of stories about dogs. Why wouldn’t we, they are an endless source of joy and cuteness. But I’m talking about those horrid videos. The ones where the dog has been treated badly for a long time.

I saw one where the dog was angry and snarling, he’d been kicked around, his fur was matted with blood, he had a broken leg and was generally an angry mess. A guy and his friend found the dog and gently coaxed him out of where he was holed up.

They took him to the vet, they cared for him. They cleaned his fur and taught him to trust again. The video flashes forward to that same dog, only now he’s happy. His fur is glossy and he’s bouncing around playing ball, tail wagging as he happily frolics.

How many stories like this have you heard? A stray dog / cat / insert animal, found abandoned, alone, homeless and treated like shit. Don’t you think it’s great that people do this? Isn’t it something that endears us to people, gives us faith in humanity in this ever confusing world.

Don’t get me wrong. I think it’s amazing that people will go out of their way for animals. That’s how it should be. But let me ask you this: why don’t we do this for people? Why don’t we pick each other up when we’re down and out?

It happens but it’s rare, far more rare than the poor little doggos being rescued. Every day I see at least 3 homeless people on my way way to work- I’ve never seen anyone be nice to them — they throw money (or not), avoid eye contact and keep walking. What does it say about us that we’re happier to rescue animals than we are to rescue each other?

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