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Easy Marketing

Marketing is a huuuuuuge subject. It’s also quite scary when you’re new to it.

Like science, there are unknowns in marketing that we build theories around. This means marketing needs to be constantly researched, tested and refined.

Parts of it seem needlessly complicated. What works for one product or company doesn’t work for another.

If you want to do anything online, you need to know about marketing. The “build it and they will come” mentality very rarely works.

I’ve only started learning about (and doing) marketing for about a year. I’m knowledgeable enough to get it right, still fresh enough to think of new ways to do old things and to be able to explain it simply.

There are a tons of reasons why you might want to understand marketing, if you are new to it or just want to figure out how to diy your marketing this is the place to be!

Here’s an intro to the aspects of marketing I’ll be writing about:

Marketing Strategy

Marketing is only as good as the plan behind it. It’s about testing assumptions, proving theories and refining approaches. If you have a large company, your strategy will be a lot more complicated than if you’ve just started out.

Your marketing plan should guide everything you do. In the posts ahead I’ll be explaining how to form a simple marketing strategy (and the basics of more scary words — like funnel).


Search Engine Optimisation is all about making your digital stuff appear higher in web search results. Search Engines are complicated beings, they work on algorithms — the maths of which are known only by the search webmasters.

There are thousands of tools, articles, videos and tutorials on SEO, but you’ll find some contradictory opinions along the way. If SEO feels like a foreign language to you, keep checking back for SEO articles.


Public Relations, the ability to get yourself or your company mentioned in the news. PR involves having a newsworthy story and pitching it to a journalist. If you are lucky the journalist will publish your story and you’ll get some free marketing as a result.

Being a journalist is hard work, they get bombarded by a million bad emails they don’t have time to read and hard targets to hit. Check back for PR articles if you want to learn more about attracting their attention and getting yourself some coverage.

Social Media

Social networks are slowly taking over the world. These days it’s usually the first place you’d start any marketing campaign because of the wide captive audience that’s already there. Most networks allow you to advertise, but better still, they allow you to target your advertising to specific demographics or people with specific interests.

Some choose to skip paid social advertising and instead raise their profile by posting regularly on their chosen network. Also known in the marketing world as ‘organic social’. I’ll be writing more on this in the weeks ahead.

Content Marketing

The art of blogging for your customers — in a nutshell. Though there are many different types of content, the blog seems to be king right now. Before I started blogging, I thought it would be easy, write and post right? Nope — there’s a lot involved.

While your blog might be a way of attracting more customers to your website, you also have to market your blog for it to attract readers. It’s all about attracting new readers and converting them to buyers.

In the coming weeks and months I’ll be talking about how to start a blog, blogging strategies and the basics of content marketing.


If you diy your marketing there will be graphic design involved. If you work in a large company, chances are there’s a designer you can talk to for help with infographics etc.

People actually put off starting their projects because they don’t have a logo and won’t pay to get one done. There is a much easier way! In the weeks ahead I’ll be talking about DIY graphic design that’s super easy — I promise you’ll never be scared of making a logo again!

I’m going to say this again — Marketing is a huge subject — so I can’t promise I’ll always stick to these topics! But I can promise I will explain everything simply and give you tips to easily implement anything you’ve learned.