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5 Great Reasons You Should Feel Positive About Digital Money

Digital money is scary at first, like most new things. However, fear can’t drive us to make decisions against our best interests.

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The future of digital money belongs to the ones who keep it alive. With every trade, every purchase and sale, we exercise our power over the forces that govern our lives. It’s a moment amongst many where we aren’t held to council about what happens and when. So, we must endeavor to protect it. Digital money is one of many steps towards a future where we can become, at least in part, custodians of our future. We don’t desire a disassociated oligarchal board using us as labor units to be counted on a tally sheet but as independent entrepreneurs of our lives.

It is vital that you not lose hope in a future where you can pull yourself up and out of a life situation that feels inescapable. You can do this. With digital money, education, and discipline, you can gain control and freedom. Also, become the architect to design your future instead of a stranger designing it for you. And finally, you can use these benefits to express your compassion for those you love and others who might benefit from your example.

In this article, we will discuss how a future in digital money can give you control of your life, broaden your freedom, give you the tools to design your future and allow the expression of your compassion to benefit your community.


Tony Robbins professes there are six things people need in their lives to be happy.

  • Certainty
  • Unpredictability
  • Significance
  • Connection
  • Growth

Let’s talk about the first two: certainty and unpredictability. We need assurance so we have someplace to ground ourselves and reclaim sanity when we’ve had a hard day. Grounding can come in the form of returning to a home; a loved one, or a purpose. When the chaos of life inevitably manifests, we each handle it to different degrees, but one thing remains constant, the need to recover from it. On the other hand, we thrive on a certain amount of unpredictability, such as a surprise birthday party or an unannounced visit from an old friend, and of course, unhappy surprises as well. That can be in the form of death in the family or a breakup with a lover. Afterward, we need that place or hobby or thing to retreat to. The point is we have a better chance of handling unpredictability and having that place to retreat to if we have some financial independence. And that independence can come from digital money.

In our world, the more money you have, the more options you have. Yet, even if we make more money, we are still at the mercy of those who control the government and the banks. Where digital money comes in to give us control of our money is to take power away from the centralized authorities and provide them to us. The social consensus of all of us who use digital money is a declaration that we know what we want to do with the product of our labor, and we don’t need it managed by people who don’t know anything about us. That’s what digital money accomplishes: control.

There’s plenty that will escape our control, and that’s where acceptance comes in, but our money isn’t one of those things. The advent of digital money is the beginning of a peaceful revolution against the halls of big finance who think they know what’s better for you than you do. No. So, I urge you not to fear the Bitcoins of the world but see an opportunity to build the life you want. Take back what is yours.

And when you take back a little of that control, you gain something else as a byproduct: freedom.


Here in America, freedom is the number one product sold to its citizens since its inception. It is the most talked-about aspect of American society. So critical is it that hundreds of thousands have died in numerous ways in the name of it. Yet, there seems to be an effort to curtail those freedoms — little by little. One way is the freedom in how to earn your money. In fact, a war rages in the courts over the government’s right to regulate digital money because it threatens their dominance over their citizens’ freedom. Digital money is the democratization of currency, and that will not do for the powers that be.

We are still standing at the birth of digital money. Like a fresh babe come from the womb, so precious and representative of new life, we must preserve it. New life to our liberty and freedom so that we may carve out a piece of happiness for ourselves. We ask not for handouts but only the space in which to succeed or fail. However, if governments and banks throw down barriers to financial freedom, we have no choice but to fight. And fight, we must.

The old ways that represent the ways we fought for freedom are gone. There are no honorable sacrifices of a slain soldier on the battlefield to spur us on. There is no grand rally against an apparent adversary. Our enemy rests with us. They appear on YouTube and social media to let us know how and when they decide our financial fate. Yet, with the rise of digital money, we show them what it means to have an empowered society. Fear us? Yes, but it needn’t be so. Get out of our way, and give us leave to shape our future. Leave our digital money alone!

For with the properties of digital money, we might begin to design our future of prosperity. And how can a country with prosperous citizens fail?


We all have dreams or designs for our lives, but most of us don’t think we can ever achieve them. Why not? Money. We need the control and freedom to design our future, make decisions (good or bad), and reap the consequences.

When we design a thing, something is destroyed in favor of a new creation. It’s a difficult choice sometimes, but it’s a choice we must make. If we aren’t at liberty to do so, we learn nothing. Having the freedom to design with financial independence from digital money’s benefits is a boon for ourselves, our communities, and our country. But it’s hard for power brokers to let go of control.

It is said that once a government gains control of a thing, they never want to let go. Perhaps it’s true. However, they don’t have control of digital money. Not yet. It’s up to us to keep it free. As the designers of our future, we have to put the work in.

Be the designer or be designed? Enough of our lives are regulated. We need to hold ground on the battlefront of the digital money war. As our forefathers fought for the right to build on homesteads, once again, opposition calls us to stand up and fight for our freedom to design our future — the future of digital money.

However brutal battles can make a person, we must remember to extend victory to our brothers and sisters when we flourish. We must not forget compassion.


And once the dust settles from our fight to keep digital money alive. Once we reap the benefits of a democratized currency, what then will we do with that power? Would we become what we beheld? Would we become the new power brokers and cast lots to determine the fate of strangers? I say no. When we achieve our independence, it is our responsibility to educate our countrymen. To say, “come brother and sister! Let me pass the knowledge to you that you too might prosper.”

Not only must digital currency remain decentralized, but the way we educate people about the freedom and control they can have over the design of their future remains consistent — no more gatekeeping.

So I say, once you learn how to fight and take control of your future, teach your ways to others. Spread the word to as many as you can. Giving people the power to live happy lives is the most compassionate act you can ever perform.

In the endgame, we rise and fall together. Division wracks our nation along many lines, so how can we ignore an opportunity to begin healing. Money means survival. And history has shown that we have a better chance of survival if we do it together through communities.


Most of us see digital money as a fad or maybe another asset like stocks to invest in. But It’s more than that. Digital money can be the mechanism by which we begin to shift control of our lives from groups of disconnected strangers to the community. Us. The bodies that move this nation. We turn the knobs, flip the switches, carry the boxes, and consume the products of our country. Yet, we are kept low. After all, we can’t have the workers gaining too much wealth. They won’t work anymore. Still, with the future of automation, computing, and digital money, we, together, as one big community, can share in the success of our nation’s wealth.

We are all afraid of losing our means of survival, and no one feels that more than those at the top. It’s why I hypothesize the reasons they cling so tightly to their wealth. Fear is a powerful motivator, but if we let it control us, the working class, then we’ll claw and scratch at each other for nickels and dimes. And what kind of life is that? No. We can do better. We can support the digital money markets and keep them alive. Not just for ourselves but also each other. Digital money’s core concept is that it’s a group project. We all chip into the benefit of everyone who can participate. So, let’s not allow it to die. Instead, digital money can strengthen us as a community to freely trade with our brothers and sisters, however, and whenever we want.

America is built on communities. If we didn’t live by that mandate, there would be no America. But we did. From those frontier families in the midwest who clung to each other for support to survive the untamed land to you and me sitting behind our screens, we can fight. Together. As one.


One could say this article was a dramatic flair to express self-awareness, but I take it seriously. We must loan our strength and support to the digital money scene. It’s a representation of our desires. It’s an expression of what we want to those who would claim to rule us.

This article covered five reasons you should feel optimistic about digital money. Control, freedom, design, compassion, and community embody those words by who we are and what we do. Digital money is more than a fad. None of the properties of digital money represent a fad but an ideal that we have fought and died for; the right to choose how we make our lives.

Will you help keep digital money alive?

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