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October Stocks in the Battle

The wisest and hottest picks of stocks and crypto to include in your portfolio this October

Credit: StockBattle design team

Each month is full of surprises on the financial market. Even more, with constant changes that may be hard to grasp without browsing the net on a daily basis and reading the news for hours. Still, it’s crucial for an investor or StockBattle contestant to know the current agenda, to make stocks and crypto work for you. Even one change of the picks can alter the StockBattle results and create more opportunities for you to win.

We present to you all of the stocks and crypto that are the center of attention this October according to various investment media and current StockBattle user statistics. Who knows, maybe these picks will be the greatest game-changers for you this month.

The Most Popular StockBattle Choices

Devoted players have a long list of preferable stocks and crypto to form their portfolios with. Still, there are major tickers that were used the most this month. So let’s see the list of companies and cryptocurrencies that are at the center of attention that people are adding to their portfolios this October to compete for cash prizes. Be ready to use these hints till the month is over.

Source: StockBattle analytics

Hot Stocks to Watch

October is never boring on Wall Street. This year it will be no different with lots of tricks or treats. According to MotleyFool analytics, there are three major stocks to keep an eye on. They are the famous Netflix ($NFLX), Tesla ($TSLA), and Disney ($DIS). Here’s why…

Tesla had already made an impressive start in October. It announced that it cleared a record 241,300 vehicle deliveries in the third quarter, a 73% year-over-year surge at a time when other automakers saw a decline in sales, but it’s not just a matter of gaining the market share. TSLA is raising the bar in terms of how much a company can profit from the sale of a single vehicle in general.

Netflix’s telltale earning report is coming to this October and market analysts all over the world are looking positively forward to the fresh financials. Many of the “shelter-in-place” stocks that thrived early in the pandemic have fallen out of favor, but Netflix hit another all-time high not so long ago. No wonder the new series Squid Game became the hottest topic all over the world, — NFLX is the master of creating trends. Of course, the expectations for the stock are understandably high.

It’s not time for Disney to report its quarterly results just yet, but there’s a lot going on with the media giant in October. Disney World has turned 50 with a huge celebration. If you didn’t know, this studio is behind the two highest-grossing films of 2021.

Disney+ also continues to be a rising star on the streaming front with its Star Wars and Marvel projects. Still, despite Disney’s strong recovery from the pandemic swoon, the shares continue to trade slightly lower in 2021. Will the strong October change the situation? Let’s wait and see!

Fastest Growing Stocks

Both sales and earnings are critical for the success of these companies. Here we listed stocks with the highest growth investing ranks this month. And…surprise, the data repeats the last month! Do you like it when the market data is going steady?

Source: YCharts

The Highest Momentum

When a stock price has risen faster than the market as a whole and you want to invest in this stock — it’s called momentum investing. Remember the AMC stock and how it surpassed and outperformed all the other stocks in a matter of weeks? It rose even higher than GameStop! This is kinda a momentum stock to look for!

Let’s look at the stocks that had the highest total return over the last 12 months, according to YCharts.

Source: YCharts

Top Cryptocurrencies with the Best Growth Potential this Month

Cryptocurrencies reached record highs last year but have been caught up in a whirlwind so far this year. The best cryptocurrency to buy in is mainly determined by your risk appetite and technical knowledge. Still, cryptocurrencies are finally gaining traction with institutional investors. Crypto prices have also started surging up starting on October 1.

Here are the ten lucky cryptos Analyticsinsight suggests you watch out for to gain higher returns in the nearby future:

  • Cardano ($ADA)
  • Polkadot ($DOT)
  • Solana ($SOL1)
  • ShibaInu ($SHIB)
  • USD Coin ($USDC)
  • Ethereum ($ETH)
  • Dogecoin ($DOGE)
  • Ripple XRP ($XRP)
  • Tether ($USDT)
  • Binance Coin ($BNB)



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