Top #3 Open Source Cloud Storage Software

Aman jha
Aman jha
May 24, 2018 · 4 min read

Cloud by name suggests something which is very substantial and present over a big area. Passing the name, in the technical field, Cloud Storage is something which is virtual and offers services to end users in kind of storage, hosting apps or virtualising any physical area. Nowadays, Cloud computing is utilised by small as well as big organisations for data storage or supplying customers with its advantages which are noted below.

Leading 3 Free Open Source Cloud Storage Software application’s

Generally, three kinds of Providers come connected with Cloud which are: SaaS (Software as a Service) for permitting users to gain access to other publically available clouds of large organizations for storing their information like: Gmail, PaaS (Platform as a Service) for hosting of apps or software on Others public cloud ex: Google App Engine which hosts apps of users, IaaS (Facilities as a Service) for virtualizing any physical maker and getting it to clients to make them get feel of a genuine machine.

Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage indicates storage of data far from users regional system and across the period of devoted servers which are suggested for this. At its earliest, CompuServe in 1983 provided its consumers 128k of disk area which could be used to store files. Whereas this field is under active development and will be due to the fact that of potential hazards including loss of data or details, information hacking or masquerading and other attacks, numerous companies have actually come forward with their own options to Cloud Storage and Data Privacy which is reinforcing and supporting its future. In this short article, we will present a few of the chosen contributions for this concern which are open source and successfully being accepted by huge masses and big organizations.

1. OwnCloud

A Dropbox replacement for Linux users, providing many performances which resemble that of DropBox, ownCloud is a self-hosted file sync and share server.

Its open source performance supplies users with access to limitless amount of storage area. The task begun in January 2010 with the goal to offer open source replacement for proprietary cloud storage company. It is written in PHP, JavaScript and offered for Windows, Linux, OS X desktops and even successfully provides mobile customers for Android and iOS.

OwnCloud uses WebDAV server for remote access and can integrate with a great deal of Databases including SQLite, MariaDB, MySQL, Oracle Database, PostgreSQL.

Provides a big number of features countable of which consist of: Submit storage and encryption, Music Streaming, content sharing throughout URL’s, Mozilla sync hosting and RSS/Atom feed reader, one-click app installation, Video, and PDF viewer and numerous more.

The latest variation of ownCloud i.e. 8.2 additionals other brand-new functions including enhanced design, permits admin to inform users and set retention limitations on files in the garbage.

2. Seafile

Another file hosting software application system which makes use of open source residential or commercial property to avail its users with all benefits they expect from a good cloud storage software system. It is written in C, Python with the most recent steady release being 4.4.3 launched on 15th October 2015.

Seafile supplies a desktop client for Windows, Linux, and OS X and mobile customers for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. In addition to a community edition released under General Public License, it also has an expert edition released under an industrial license which offers extra features not supported in community edition i.e. user logging and text search.

Given that it got open sourced in July 2012, it started getting worldwide attention. Its highlights are syncing and showing the primary concentrate on data safety. Other features of Seafile which have actually made it typical in numerous universities like University Mainz, University HU Berlin, and University Strasbourg and likewise to name a few thousands of individuals worldwide are online file modifying, differential sync to lessen the bandwidth required, client-side file encryption to secure client information.

3. Pydio

Previously known by the name AjaXplorer, Pydio is a freeware intending to supply file hosting, sharing and syncing. As a task, it was initiated in 2009 by Charles du jeu and because 2010, it is on all NAS equipment’s provided by LaCie.

Pydio is written in PHP and JavaScript and offered for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux and furthermore for iOS and Android also. With nearly 500,000 downloads on Sourceforge, and acceptance by companies like Red Hat and Oracle, Pydio is among the preferred Cloud Storage Software in the market.

In itself, Pydio is just a core which operates on a web server and can be accessed through any internet browser. Its integrated WebDAV user interface makes it perfect for online file management and SSL/TLS encryption makes transmission channels encrypted securing the information and guaranteeing its privacy. Other functions which come with this software application are text editor with syntax highlighting, audio and video playback, integration of Amazon, S3, FTP or MySQL Databases, image editor, file or folder sharing even through public URL’s.


Fortunekit was founded solely to cater to startups and help get them off the ground. We are in this together and we take advantage of technological knowledge to assist startups to build viable innovative products

Aman jha

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Aman jha

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Fortunekit was founded solely to cater to startups and help get them off the ground. We are in this together and we take advantage of technological knowledge to assist startups to build viable innovative products

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