Forty Seven Bank partners with Citowise

Dear followers,

We have another good news for you! Forty Seven made a partnership with Citowise — world’s most convenient Android application for Ethereum based payments.

Now you can contribute to Forty Seven ICO in just a few taps and forget about worrying about anything — your FSBT tokens will arrive at your Citowise wallet within next 48 hours. No additional commission, the price is the same as if you’d bought them through Participant’s Panel.

What’s more is that Citowise is soon rolling out an iOS version of their app, so people with iPhones and iPads could experience frictionless ICO contributions on their devices as well.

Citowise is a company that creates state-of-art cryptocurrency wallet and values user experience and security above all. Using their app you can send money, convert currencies at best rates within the integrated exchange, participate in ICOs and more — all in one application. Besides that — you always stay the only owner of your funds, Citowise has no control over them, they just provide transparent and seamless experience, for free.

You can download Citowise application here:

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