What’s up Pitches?!

Cast of “Pitch Perfect” at Collegiate Acapella Championship

Pitch Perfect, is a comedy/romance movie that features a lot of covers of songs and a hit soundtrack. The premise of the movie is about how a Collegiate Acapella team pushes through the adversities thrown at it, find themselves as a team, and bond as friends. Directed by Jason Moore, the movie stars Beca (played by Anna Kendrik), a teenager who wants to pursue a career as a DJ, but since her father is a professor at Barden University, she gets free tuition and he insists that she go to college. While at college, her father suggests she join an activity and Beca decides to go an audition for the “Barden Bellas”, an acapella group on campus, which she kind of thinks that the group is a joke. She auditions simply cause she has a good voice and feels that if she is going to go to college, she might as well do something related to music.

Beca makes it into the group and she strongly dislikes the authority of some girls, especially Audrey (played by Anna Camp). Right from the get go, Audrey strictly wants to stick with singing traditional songs that the group has sang in the past and Beca notices that this is a downfall when one of the opposing groups on campus, “The Treblemakers” won at the Acapella Championship the previous year. Beca pushes for using modern songs and comes up with new ideas for the group which starts a lot of tension with Audrey.

Surprisingly, throughout the course of the movie she begins to develop friendships with the girls on the team having nothing really in common except their ability to sing. Some of these people including “Fat Amy” (played by Rebel Wilson who also stars in Bridesmaids), Cynthia Rose (Ester Dean), Chloe (Brittany Snow) and others and also starts to have feelings for a guy named Jesse, a “Treblemaker” (played by Skylar Astin). The group also starts to become more up to take with current trends and accepts Bella’s ideas making the group better.

This movie is quite the comedy and is sure to make anyone laugh. Although I would recommend it for anyone aged 13 and up because there are some inappropriate references and diction used. The movie addresses that the Barden Bella alumni were these “perfect-body singers” that would only sing traditional covers of songs and now the group bunch of girls who look nothing and act nothing alike who end up being just as successful by adjusting to the change in the Acapella world because the alternative, and at times cynical, Beca who just wants to pursue a career in music. Anna Kendrick perfectly stepped into the roll by portraying the emotions of her character, adding comedy to her witty comments, and also having a great voice which is needed in a roll such as this one.

The soundtrack also adds to helping make Pitch Perfect such a great movie featuring several acapella covers of songs featuring well known songs from the past decade and also some throwbacks. Some of these songs include “Don’t Stop the Music” by Rihanna, “Titanium” by Sia, and Anna Kendrick’s Cups (When I’m Gone). The “Cup” song was featured at Beca’s audition for the Barden Bellas where she made music using a single cup for her to sing to; this song became a major hit after the movie was released.

Grade: A