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Aug 22 · 4 min read

Cakey Love — possibly the most self-explanatory name for a start-up we’ve come across, but cake’s not all their passionate about. This gorgeous artisan afternoon tea-making company specialise not only in all things delicious, but all things environmentally conscious. We spoke to founder Sammy, whose passion for saving the planet, one yummy creation at a time, is both inspiring and heart-warming.

What’s your 30-second elevator pitch for your company, to explain it to someone who’s never heard of you before?

Pop the kettle on, we’ll do the rest. Cakey Love delivers afternoon tea from ours to yours or wherever you are. Everything is homemade and every bit of us is eco friendly, from using seasonal ingredients to smart packaging. We want our customers to spoil themselves and nothing else.

Where did the idea behind Cakey Love come from?

It all started from a need to do better in the catering industry, using less plastic, less washing up water, and way less food miles! There’s a turning point when you just know you need to do something yourself, and at the point when that was for me, I set up Cakey Love. We hope to inspire other business to lessen their impact on the Planet while still serving awesome food. For example, we are very proud of our season afternoon tea boxes, because we use seasonal, local produce to make it. One of the items is a cake of the month that changes so we can use what’s available — this August, we’ve gota blackberry mini cake, which we foraged the berries to make the sauce with.

Did you face any obstacles when setting up your company?

Everyday was a learning day. When you have a background in teaching ESL and working as a breakfast chef, suddenly learning about budgets, invoices and suppliers is a whole different world. I took courses locally and looked up just about everything online. Joining groups on Facebook also helped a lot. The best part was to see the social media picking and people becoming very interested to find out more!

If you could tell your past-self one thing, looking back, what would it be?

I would say research, research and then do it all over again. Give yourself enough time to learn or source what you don’t know well. I have a great support system and also talk to other lone business owners online.

What’s something you’re most proud of when it comes to the product you deliver?

I am so proud of our cake of the month. I love calling our suppliers to find out what will be seasonal next month. It keeps the company really relevant and people actually message to see what will be next so they can decide which month they prefer to order. I’m also incredibly proud of our packaging. Everything you see is either recyclable cardboard, or made from plants and biodegradable. We also have a scheme called ‘Recycle Scheme’ where you can send your jam and cream glass jars back and receive a little treat as a thank you!

What would you want the future of your company to look like?

I would love Cakey Love to be a part of our community and do lots of events and get people inspired to be better and do more in terms of sustainability. In the near future I’d like to deliver in a more eco friendly manner with a bicycle or an electric car!

If you want to learn a bit more about Cakey Love, or even order some of their delicious goodies, check out their website, or give them a follow on Facebook or Instagram.

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