Lesley Bambridge
Sep 17 · 3 min read

Join Forward Fooding’s global search to find the top innovators and disrupters in FoodTech. Apply now!

As a FoodTech Data Intelligence and Corporate Startup Collaboration platform, we know a fair few folks in FoodTech.

We have offices in London, Rome and a satellite office in San Francisco, a network of FoodTech partners that spans the globe, and a global map of FoodTech startups and accelerators, The FoodTech Data Navigator, as part of our data intelligence platform.

But as the FoodTech industry is predicted to hit $250 billion by 2022 (source: Forbes); even we got curious.

Who are ALL these players who are pioneering the future of food?

What categories of FoodTech are they operating in?

How much money are they raising & who is backing them?

Who are the true ones to watch who will lead the market growth and ensure that this industry creates a true food revolution?

The FoodTech 500

With these questions in mind, the idea of The FoodTech 500 slowly evolved within the Forward Fooding team over the summer, landing us right where we are today.

At the start of September we launched our global search to find the world’s first FoodTech 500, and with 150+ company entries in a little over a week and climbing steadily; we’re excited to see who makes it into the top of the list!

Inspired by the Fortune 500, The FoodTech 500 will list and rank the top movers and shakers in FoodTech based on funding, business size, sustainability, and their digital footprint, bringing you the top businesses, founders and innovators in this new and dynamic industry.

In a recent interview, Forward Fooding founder Alessio D'Antino shared

“We’re thrilled to launch the FoodTech 500 today. Our mission is to use technology and data to map and support the growing FoodTech ecosystem. The FoodTech 500 provides an exciting new opportunity for top innovators and disrupters to showcase their work and elevate the profile of the entire FoodTech industry. We’re excited to uncover the top FoodTech startups and scale-ups globally, those who are transforming food as we know it and bring them the recognition that their pioneering work deserves.”

So if you are in Food and doing interesting things with tech, or if you are in Tech and doing interesting things with food, we want to know about it. FoodTech, AgriTech, Alternative Proteins, Consumer Apps, Food Waste, Food Delivery….the list goes on. Get in touch.

This is our global rallying call for all FoodTech innovators and disrupters to put themselves on the map and apply for their place on the first definitive global list of top 500 FoodTech companies shaping the future of food.

Apply here for your chance to be part of 2019’s FoodTech 500.

Applicants have until 31st October 2019 to apply.

The World’s First FoodTech 500 List will be announced on the 20th November 2019 at the Food Matters Summit in London, and the list will be live on the Forward Fooding website.

Register your interest in the list launch at The FoodTech 500.

Forward Fooding is the world’s first collaborative platform for FoodTech Data Intelligence and Corporate Startup Collaboration. If you enjoyed this article, follow, clap or share and join us in our Food Revolution at ForwardFooding.com or apply for The FoodTech 500 here.

Forward Fooding

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Lesley Bambridge

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Forward Fooding

The world's first collaborative platform for the food and beverage industry

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