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Jun 11 · 5 min read
Forward Fooding demonstrates how Collaborative Data is the new tool shaping the Future of FoodTech

At the intersection of Food and Technology, there is a new cross road.

A brand new £250 billion category, so vast it spans from ‘agri-drones’ and restaurant robotics to supplements that help cows reduce their methane production, thus reducing cO2 emissions.

Welcome to the powerful world of AgriFoodTech.

But where two such enormous industries as Food and Tech collide creating a mega category such as AgriFoodTech; how do you even begin to discover the latest new launches and key trends shaping the future of food, and most importantly those that are relevant to you?

The Answer is Data

Last week, Forward Fooding announced the launch of the FoodTech Data Navigator.

This groundbreaking platform is an interactive and fully-customizable FoodTech Data Intelligence tool providing you unique insights into the FoodTech ecosystem by showcasing international industry players (including AgriFoodTech startup companies, investors & VCs, business accelerators and incubators) and allowing intended users to discover key trends shaping the future of food.

The Flight of the Navigator

So what does this new tool bring to the table? Well, for starters, the FoodTech Data Navigator allows you access to the latest trends, funding information and social media buzz generated by the key startups, investors and accelerators shaping this new and dynamic industry.

By merging multiple sources of data, the FoodTech Data Navigator provides insight-rich and up-to-date information about global Foodtech startups, including investments and funding. Not only does this allow you to discover the most relevant companies for your business; you can even create your own portfolio of businesses and investors to monitor, and ultimately build and share your own customized data intelligence tool within your organization or with your clients.

Sourcing data from the Global FoodTech Map, powered by Forward Fooding, the tool has detailed access to over 2,600+ companies and individuals shaping the FoodTech scene. AI tools constantly check database entries, data enrichers automatically browse the web to add new companies and update information across various sources, and a team of data scouts manually curate the data to ensure its relevance and accuracy, and to keep building partnerships with global data providers.

Navigating FoodTech

Forward Fooding founder Alessio D’Antino shared with us his top tips on understanding the FoodTech landscape, how to best use the FoodTech Data Navigator to transform your FoodTech thinking.

Why have you created this unique data intelligence tool?

We saw a niche need in the market. We already map the latest new entrants and startups to the FoodTech industry with the Global FoodTech Map. But we noticed that it wasn’t just the companies that were of interest, but the entire ecosystem/landscape — institutional investors, amounts invested, investors’ connections, funding raised, and key trends starting to emerge. It got us thinking about how we can offer a complete data-rich picture of FoodTech to those who need it most.

Alongside this we also were seeing that the vast disparate nature of the industry (i.e. jumping agri-drones to lab-grown meat and robotics in restaurants) means that those who are new to FoodTech, just starting to explore this pioneering industry, or those who are looking for something specific — such as an ingredient or new technologies for processing food — have a hard time knowing where to look.

This combined with our love of ‘making sense of data’ meant that developing the FoodTech Data Navigator became a natural next step.

How will it help us better understand FoodTech?

Food is critical to our survival and to the survival of this planet. We need to transform how we eat, produce, develop and use food if we are to avoid a global crisis. Both us and our planet are in need of a new, healthier, and more sustainable way of doing things, and this need is acute.

Alongside this, we’ve witnessed exponential growth in FoodTech over the last few years and this is a trend that is accelerating. Forbes predicts that by 2022 the FoodTech industry will be worth $250 billion.

So we have a real need to understand the dynamics shaping the future of food, fast.

I think big businesses, government-backed and led, and established food and drink organizations are just getting their heads around this need; so there is no better time to immerse yourself in the new and growing world of Agri-FoodTech.

Together we believe that we can power the ‘Food Revolution’ and we want the FoodTech Data Navigator to be central of this wave of change. Our tool is designed to empower businesses and people to learn about new innovation at the intersection of food and technology, be the masters of their own decisions as they engage with ecosystem players that can help them to create a better and brighter future of food via technology.

How should we use it to get the best out of it?

It depends on your needs and requirements, but I think one of the most exciting things about the FoodTech Data Navigator is that it is a fully customizable data intelligence tool.

This means that you can create portfolios of the types of businesses that you are most interested in, or the types of information you want to follow and these portfolios are kept up-to-date, and you are notified of the changes as they happen. You can also share your portfolios with people inside and outside your organization so you can build your knowledge and your clients/ key stakeholders knowledge concurrently.

Another exciting feature is the depth of insight you can access. For example, when looking into the investors into a specific company, say Impossible Foods — the plant based protein company — you can map and track the investors in Impossible Foods (i.e.Bill Gates is a key investor), and then you can go on to see which other companies they have invested in (e.g Bill Gates has also a major investment in Beyond Meat, another plant based protein scale-up).

You start to see investor trends and connections as they happen, which is a really powerful insight for those looking to be ahead of the game.

The best way to see what the FoodTech Data Navigator can do is to schedule a free live demo here and we can show you everything it is capable of.

In 5 words or less, sum up the best things about the FoodTech Data Navigator

This is such a tough question because there are so many benefits to using this tool to further your understanding of FoodTech. If I have to pick I choose these 5 features…

Portfolio benchmarking, Investor connections, Interactive map, social media buzz monitoring,


Try it yourself and see!

Finally, where can we try it or find out more about it?

You can visit us at https://datanavigator.forwardfooding.com to find out more, or you can sign up for a free live demo here and join the Food Revolution by starting your FoodTech journey today.

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Forward Fooding

The world's first collaborative platform for the food and beverage industry

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