Mathilde Redshaw
Jul 8 · 3 min read

Attending London Olympia’s ‘Just V Show’ this past weekend, Forward Fooding were able to meet and greet with some of the most innovative and disruptive start-ups currently in the game (read about our Top Four here). The event was the go-to place for start-ups to be; but how can an entrepreneur make the most of big events like this to maximise the advantages these shows can have for their brand? Forward Fooding have outlined some do’s and don’t’s to help you get ahead.

DON’T Wait For Them

Approaching people at an event can often be daunting, especially if you don’t know a single person there. However, the first impression of you is vital; if you approach a potential client / investor / start-up you could collaborate with, and actively take the steps to start that conversation in a friendly and engaging way, you’re far more likely to be remembered.

DO Stay on Topic

As lovely as it is to hear about who you’re speaking to’s holiday to Mallorca, it does nothing for your role as a start-up. Keeping the conversation centralised on collaboration and the call to action you want from that relationship, is not only efficient, but helps curate your image as a serious business who balances professionalism and approachability.

DON’T Dominate the Conversation

Collaboration is all about communication — as much as you may want to tell a new person all about the exciting start-up you’ve pioneered, it’s crucial to show that you’re listening and not just waiting for your turn to speak. Engaging in conversation, rather than treating every event as a sales pitch, creates that human connection which is at the heart of all successful start-up relationships.

DO Follow Up

After an event, it’s easy to sit back and muse on all of the great people you met whilst there, but a successful event doesn’t end when everyone goes home. Following up, whether that be a phone call or a casual email, reminds who you met that your passion towards building a relationship with them was genuine, and starts that conversation going for the future.

DON’T Dismiss the Importance of Online Networking

Platforms such as Forward Fooding’s Global FoodTech Map, while digital, are one of the most effective ways your company can be networking 24/7, every day of the year. Creating a profile allows you free visibility to corporates and investors. You can add your company to the FMCG trends section on Forward Fooding website here.

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Chatting to the biggest and baddest FoodTech start-ups in the game…what’s not to love?

Forward Fooding

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