Unveiling 🌍 The Global FoodTech map🚀

It’s no secret that Foodtech is a hugely dynamic sector — and it’s attracting more and more investment. According to data from Agfunder, $4.4B was invested in this sector (AgriFood Tech startups, innovating from farm-to-fork) in H1 2017 globally, a 6% year-over-year increase.

As a matter of fact, we’re seeing an increasing band of dedicated people (half-techies, half-foodies) who are determined to solve some of the biggest issues affecting our global agri-food system. And yet, a common database to connect and promote rising enterprises in the food tech sector did not exist until now.

On February 12th, 2018 we launched our Global Food Tech Map, an interactive tool that aggregates the world’s most innovative food and ag-tech startups into one easily accessible digital database. Divided into ten categories (Agtech, Food Processing, Direct to Consumers, Smart Appliances & Kitchen Management, Next-Gen Food & Drinks, Food Safety, Surplus & Waste, Meals & Drinks on Demand, Consumer App, and Food Delivery), the map allows for convenient access and information about one of the world’s most dynamic sectors.

A screenshot of our map — on the left: our map’s taxonomy / on the right: each pin represents a company

With the food tech industry developing at such a rapid pace, The Global Food Tech Map helps intended users navigate easily and effectively this ever-expanding business environment and aims to map the world’s most innovative food- and ag-tech startups.

“By constantly enriching its content via users’ contributions and partners, we envision The Global Food Tech Map to be the most relevant mapping tool of the state of innovation in the Food and Ag-tech sector. With a curated database of 1,000+ startups globally we aim to raise awareness about their latest developments to help corporate investors understand the ecosystem and ultimately spark meaningful collaborations between the two.”

The Global Food Tech Map has been indeed developed in cooperation with leading experts and global partners from the Agri-Food Tech sector including AgThentic (Australia), Andrea Tolu Content Marketing (Italy), Inovisa (Portugal), The Food Talk Show by Breakthrough Funding (UK), The Kitchen Hub (Israel) and Rebelbio (Ireland/UK) to mention a few.

The ‘food tech’ sector has been growing from strength to strength in recent years, demonstrated both by the number of budding startups and a constant increase in the amount of available funding for this industry, both from VCs as well as established food organisations. Our aim with The Global Food Tech Map is to raise awareness of the sector while keeping in mind the end goal of feeding a growing global population of 10 billion by 2050 in an increasingly volatile global food system.

People from all over the world are working to develop technologies to improve how food is produced, distributed, and stored, and at Forward Fooding (the new era of Crowdfooding) we believe this work is crucial in shaping our future food system and solving the issues that future generations will have to confront. Some of the solutions featured in our map span from making lab-grown meat and fish or perfecting indoor farming methods, to working with insects to develop the protein source of the future. We believe some of these companies will shape the future of our food system and we truly hope that the new wave of innovation in the Agri-FoodTech space can actually come from any more informed individual.

To learn more visit www.forwardfooding.com/globalfoodtechmap

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