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Jun 24 · 3 min read

Global tech giant Samsung paves the way for AgriFoodTech corp/startup collaboration

Herdsy — leading the herd in AgriFoodTech corporate startup collaboration

In August 2018, Samsung set out their business mission to invest in growth that represented the future of their business.

Not only did they share their view that innovations powered by AI technology will drive the future of Tech transformation, but they committed to become a leading force in building and energizing the ecosystem of innovative businesses for the digital economy.

This week, it was announced that the global tech giant had agreed a collaboration deal with FoodTech startup Herdsy.

Herdsy, based at Barclay’s Eagle Lab in Cambridge is the first AgriFoodTech company that Samsung has partnered with, and through the power of AI tech are helping beef farmers turn the tides on their fortunes (and profits).

The Herdsy technology can be used to track and analyse cattle and is packed with machine learning and AI capability that can be deployed for animal welfare by farmers or conservationists.

In terms of corporate startup collaboration, this is big news.

The deal intends on harnessing optimum technology from both companies to enhance the health and welfare of beef cattle around the world and as a result, will boost productivity for the global food chain.

In addition, this deal is a hugely influential example of a Corproate Startup collaboration in action; witnessing Samsung stepping out of their comfort zone, and putting their money where their mouth is.

Collaboration on innovation makes sense when you know there is someone out there doing interesting things, already doing it or doing it better. The combination of Samsung as a tech powerhouse and Herdsy, a 4 person startup from Cambridge is one to watch and learn from. It’s not every day we see a FoodTech startup delivering innovation that makes a Korean global tech giant sit up and take notice.

More about Herdsy

  • The farmer buys tags and places it around the neck of the animal
  • The tag measures biomedical data such as heart rate, together with temperature, location, movement, Muscle mass as well as activity levels
  • The data is automatically transferred into the cloud-based account in Herdsy.com
  • Herdsy.com analyses the data and can either extrapolate across the herd or identify individual animals to monitor and track activity patterns as well as compare against industry and academic performance benchmarks for the breed
  • Alerts, though the website, messaging or smartphone app, are generated in the event of atypical or abnormal behaviour that is destructive to the value of the animal.
  • Input costs and revenues are tracked to identify cost and profitability drivers
  • The farmer can see summarised and anonymous best-case performance data for similar farms in their area/country
  • Time-based data can be shared, on request, with local vets to achieve earlier intervention or avoid unnecessary on-site visits

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