Saving the Environment: In Context

Mathilde Redshaw
Jul 1, 2019 · 2 min read

Often, entering into a journey towards sustainable living can be somewhat daunting, and it’s hard to understand the impact you’re having when everything’s given to you in such arbitrary measurements. What does a 15,000 tonne carbon footprint mean? How bad is eating meat really? In this article, we’ll provide you with 5 practical facts to help you kickstart your understanding in the journey towards sustainability.

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Assuming that you drink 1 litre of water per day, it would take you more than 4 years to drink the amount of water that is used for producing 100g of beef.

Producing 1 steak requires the same amount of water as taking a 5 minute shower, every day, for 2 months.

The UK food supply alone is directly linked to the extinctionof an estimated 33 species at home and abroad.

1 kilogram of beef can have roughly the same impact on global warming as an economy flight from London to New York.

Producing a 200g steak causes the same amount of emissions as driving your car from Oxford to Milton Keynes (46km).

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Whilst we’ve provided just a handful of examples, it’s hard to consistently have environmentally conscious actions placed into an understandable context which helps you appreciate your impact.

One of our core values at Forward Fooding is to help bridge the gap between understanding and practical action when it comes to sustainable living. Our Global FoodTech Map provides a platform on which thousands of start-ups and corporations can collaborate and network in order to work together to power the revolution in the FoodTech sphere. Want to join our community? Find us here.

Forward Fooding also interviewed one of the frontrunner start-ups in this bid for sustainable living, Oliver Bolton, CEO of His app is going to disrupt life for the consumer as we known it, and will revolutionise how we are able to understand how we can help to reduce their carbon footprint. You can read the interview here.

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