The Future is FoodTech: Fast Innovation and how you can stay ahead

What is FoodTech?

At the intersection of Food and Technology, there is new across roads.

A brand new £250 billion category according to Forbes, so vast it spans from ‘agri-drones’ and restaurant robotics to supplements that help cows reduce their methane production, thus reducing cO2 emissions. Welcome to the new world of AgriFoodTech.

At Forward Fooding, we define this new industry as:

“FoodTech (or ArgiFoodTech) is the emergent sector exploring how technology can be leveraged to improve efficiency and sustainability in designing, producing, choosing, delivering & enjoying food”

Definition: Forward Fooding 2019

But where two such enormous industries as Food and Tech collide creating a mega category such as AgriFoodTech; how do you even begin to discover the latest new launches and key trends shaping the future of food, and most importantly those that are relevant to you?

The Global FoodTech Map

The Global Foodtech Map is a great place to begin.

The Global FoodTech Map

Mapping the latest innovations and startups in the sector has been part of our mission since launch and we now have over 1,700 AgriFoodTech companies across the globe to discover and connect with at the touch of a button.

Search through 8 FoodTech categories for the innovation most relevant to you, zone in on companies near your physical location, and request connections with FoodTech innovators across the world.

Ergonomic Visualisation of the Global FoodTech Industry — Mapping Key Players & Innovators

NEW: The FoodTech Data Navigator

Last week we launched the FoodTech Data Navigator . This groundbreaking platform is an interactive and fully customisable FoodTech Data Intelligence tool providing you unique insights into the FoodTech ecosystem and the key global trends shaping the future of food.

We saw that merging FoodTech and AgTech industries are capitalizing on this emerging sector with the dropping costs of digital technologies, as well as they are working to revolutionize our food and agriculture systems through entrepreneurship and innovation. But it’s not just startups: key stakeholders across the global food system, from corporate food companies, to governments, investors, non-profits, and academics, are reshaping how we produce, supply, deliver and consume foods around the globe. This evolution today has spawned unique food concepts such as farmtech, home delivery meal kits, bioenergy, insect farms, plant-based meats, e-grocery commerce and much more.

And yet, a common database to connect and promote rising enterprises in the AgriFoodTech sector did not exist until now. Forward Fooding’s aim with the FoodTech Data Navigator is to raise awareness of the sector while keeping in mind the end goal of feeding a growing global population of 10 billion by 2050 in an increasingly volatile global food system.

People from all over the world are working to develop technologies to improve how food is produced, distributed, and stored, and at Forward Fooding we believe this work is crucial in shaping our future food system and solving the issues that future generations will have to confront. With the FoodTech industry developing at such a rapid pace, the FoodTech Data Navigator helps intended users navigate, learn and gain up to the minute insight into this ever expanding business environment.

Learn more about the FoodTech Data Navigator, powered by Forward Fooding, and request your free demo HERE

FoodTech Infographic:

Finally, a sneaky short-cut to share with those looking for FoodTech facts is our Discovering AgriFoodTech infographic.

Great for presentations and events, this handy visualisation helps those new to FoodTech to see the scale and scope of the industry and whet their appetite for FoodTech.

So there you have it, 3 great ways to stay ahead of the FoodTech innovation curve and expand your knowledge and insight on this dynamic new industry shaping the way we produce, consume and think about food.

The Forward Fooding team

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