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Your next browser will pay you

The creator of JavaScript is building a browser that will change the economics of the internet.

Illustration by Mandela Smith

The internet is broken

“The system is failing.” — Tim Berners-Lee (creator of the web) on how digital advertising is ruining the web.

The display advertising LUMAscape.
A “simplified” graphic from a video by the Interactive Advertising Bureau showing the complicated process by which ads are displayed alongside web content.

Users are not happy

Source: PageFair’s 2017 Adblock Report

Publishers are not happy

Source: Pew Research

“Businesses are increasingly relying on Facebook and Google to find customers, but the cost of using their platforms is rising. Customers and advertisers have little control if they’re only using the data supplied to them by these companies.” — Sam Carter, CEO of Fospha

Advertisers are not happy

Source: Dr. Augustine Fou — Independent Ad Fraud Researcher

The future is Brave

Step 1: Navigate around the broken system

Step 2: Build a better system

Step 3: Change the internet forever

Can this actually work?

Who is Brave?

Chrome wasn’t built in a day

The writing is on the wall

“Please clap.” —Jeb!



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